Winter’s here and much of the country has already been hit with snow and ice a few times. With two months to go yet before spring finally arrives, you can safely bet on more of that being on the way. With snow and ice storms comes the need to shovel. Nobody likes to do it, but it’s a necessary evil. You don’t want your or someone else to fall on your property, and deliver personnel need to be able to safely get through. But they aren’t the only ones; trucks delivering and picking up dumpsters.

It’s certainly not your first concern in a storm, nor should it be. Yet the trucks do have to get through, and they rely on proper snow cleanup for that to be possible. The trucks that haul them around have trouble in ice and snow even on level ground. They’ll just spin their tires in any significant amount of snow and/or ice and go nowhere. That’s why it’s so crucial that you keep the path to your dumpster or dumpster drop-off point clear during the winter months.

Spring will be here soon enough. The birds will be chirping and the flowers will start blooming and the whole winter mess will be in the rearview for another year. For now, though, winter is here and we all need to tough it out together. Keep those pathways clear and we’ll keep those dumpster trucks rolling on through.