Boston, Massachusetts: Everything is getting smarter around us. From smart phones to smart homes, technology is becoming an essential part of our everyday life. So why haven’t the places where we sit smartened up? Well in Boston, they have!

A company called Changing Environments created what has been coined smart urban furniture and these “Soofas” are popping up all around Boston and Cambridge. These smart benches will provide people in the area parks an opportunity to charge their devices through USB ports. However the phones will be the only thing plugged in because Soofas are fueled on solar power. soofa-2-600x400 Solar power is not the only thing that is green about Soofas, but they will also be constantly monitoring the surrounding air quality and noise levels. This project will be a tremendous boost for environmental data for area that they are in and will spread awareness to the benefits of renewable energy. Many people have not been exposed to solar power and this will give them their first real chance to experience it.

“Your cellphone doesn’t just make phone calls, why should our benches just be seats?” – Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh

Mayor Walsh, featured in the video above, goes on to point out kids playing in the park will no longer be able to use the excuse that their phone died. The Mayor and the City have high hopes for the project and realize it just a necessary step in making Boston a smarter and more sustainable place. They are also allowing area residents a chance to pick out where they want the next Soofa through their website.

With many Soofas already positioned throughout Boston and now Cambridge it is very possible that you could be sitting on a smart seat in the near future. This is a great example of an environmentally conscious solution to solve a variety of problems. People are bound to electronic devices, so why not cater to their charging needs, if it means they spend more time outside.

It is just a matter of time before solar power and smart technology makes its way into some of your most prized possession. Budget Dumpster is currently exploring various ways to make dumpsters smarter and solar power looks like the best option. By placing the solar power unit on a dumpster, it could be fueling a variety of resources for both the customer and Budget Dumpster. The dumpster of course could utilize global positioning to ensure the container it put in the most desirable place. It would also have the ability to weigh the contents of the dumpster to help customers avoid overage charges and possibly determine if it is hazardous.

If benches are evolving into electronic hubs, so can the dumpster. They already have the electronic trashcan. So if you have any ideas about how you can make your dumpster rental experience smarter, please do not hesitate to contact Budget Dumpster. As the smartest waste removal service in the industry, we would be happy to hear from the smartest waste removers!