Last week, firefighters in Spokane, WA responded to four different locations where dumpsters were set ablaze by an unknown arsonist. The first call came in around 3:30 in the morning last Monday. Authorities were quick to respond to the call in order to keep the fire from spreading, but soon two other calls came in reporting additional dumpster fires in the Downtown area of Spokane.

By 3:45 am, there were a total of four dumpsters destroyed by fire. Fortunately, no one was injured by the string of blazes, nor was any additional property damaged. Authorities did a quick sweep of each site in order to locate a suspect, but failed to locate any possible perpetrators. It is believed that each fire was set by the same person, as is the case with many dumpster fires.

Cases of arson that involve dumpsters are generally carried out by a sole perpetrator. Often times, these fires are a precursor to larger crimes, such as burglary or assault, making a chain of such incidences troubling.

Dumpster fires are notoriously difficult to put out because they have plenty of fuel (trash) to burn. Thankfully, the steel box design of the dumpster helps to contain the flames, making it an easier job to enure that the fire doesn’t spread to nearby buildings.

Authorities ask that Spokane residents who have any information on the fires should contact Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.