E-waste is a continuing problem among the U.S. and many other countries. Not enough people make the effort to dispose of their e-waste properly which can greatly affect the environment and the people in it.

The effects of e-waste on our environment can really be hazardous. It can kill plants and animals. It can even make humans ill. This is why it is crucial that e-waste be properly disposed of or recycled. The office supply store, Staples plans to help with their new e-waste recycling program.

Staples has begun working with some of the most renowned electronic waste recycling companies in order to control the amount of e-waste being improperly disposed of. The companies Staples is working with follow strict recycling policies and recycle e-waste to the highest standards to assure safe disposal and recycling methods.

The companies Staples is working with are employing recycling methods that are certified by e-Stewards which means that the e-waste will not be deported to other countries, won’t end up in any dumpsters or landfills, and that the memory and data in specific electronics is erased completely before recycling or disposing. The e-Stewards certification means that the companies adhere to some of the most demanding e-waste recycling methods in the U.S. and Staples just so happens to be the first major retailer to jump on board.

There are specific items that Staples will accept in regards to e-waste products. Some of the items include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers, monitors, desktop printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, all-in-ones, shredders, UPS/battery backup devices, mice, keyboards, modems, mobile phones, PC speakers, GPS devices, digital cameras, MP3 players, routers, cordless phones, and external hard drives.

Proper waste disposal is important. It helps to protect our environment from harm. Be sure to properly dispose of your e-waste. This will only be beneficial to our environment and all the living things in it.

Via: GreenBiz.com