The proper disposal of our electronics is so important that I am going to blog about it for two days in a row. E-waste is creating problems for people around the world but specifically for companies in the technology field. It is very important for businesses to incorporate proper electronic disposal practices for a variety of reasons but especially for their high volume of electronics.

Recently the Electronics TakeBack Coalition has released their report of the performance of electronics retailers around the United States in regards to their electronics disposal methods. The report has ranked the top 16 retailers on 20 points of criteria including convenience, transparency, collection, volume and of course recycling.

The results of the report were very interesting with a wide range of scoring. Three companies in particular set themselves apart from the rest of the field by practicing proper electronic disposal methods. Staples ranked first but Best Buy and Office Deport followed closely behind. Unfortunately the majority of the electronic retailers in the country have not established any sort of recycling program whatsoever.

What really set these 3 front runners apart is that many electronic retailers do accept any obsolete or unwanted electronics. Best Buy however will allow anyone to drop off electronics and will properly dispose them for people. Office Depot will accept any item that fits into a rather small collection box, which is great unless you are trying to get rid of your television.

Many of the companies in this report were not transparent about their practices, probably because their lack of environment practices. However the companies that provide electronic disposal options were rather upfront with their numbers. This may have skewed the report but the companies that dispose electronics should be recognized for their proper practices.

The premier electronics recycling retailers are providing ample opportunities to take care of your devices.  Hopefully the rest of the companies follow suite and start properly disposing unwanted electronics.