Washington, DC- President Obama has finally has given the okay to place solar panels on the White House roof. The official plan has not been completely set but the roof will have around 50 solar panels on it. The installations of these solar panels are apart of promise that Obama made in 2010.

Unfortunately, the solar panels will hardly make an impact on the 132 mansions but is certainly a step in the right direction. The White House is actually very inefficient in terms of energy consumption. However this is not the first attempt to make the White House greener.

In the 1970’s the Jimmy Carter administration fitted the White House with numerous solar panels. This is one of many attempts to curb energy use including only allowing Americans to get gasoline on specific days. Obviously, Carter’s solar panels were not a success and are currently in use at a small college in Maine.

Attempts to make the White House more sustainable with solar panels continued while George W. Bush was in office. Maybe to gain much needed popularity as we entered the Iraq War, Bush equipped a shed on the White House grounds with 167 American made solar panels. This solar panel system still heats the pool and the hot water for the White House.


Maybe similar to the motives of Bush, Obama is perhaps doing this to give the perception of sustainability over effectiveness. Nonetheless, fitting the White House with is a major step in making the United States greener. The White House needs to set the example for Americans on ways to improve energy consumption.

If the new solar panels are only able provide enough energy to keep a couple televisions going, it is still an improvement. Hopefully, this is the start of houses around the United States finding alternatives sources to supply much need energy.