Madurai, India– Recently many moves have been made to clean up the streets, which are heavily littered with various garbage and debris. However the movement is not as well received as expected, even though it has good intentions. The countless garbage trucks are slowing citizens as they make their morning commute.

The City produces over 600 tons of waste per day and it would be unrealistic to stop service due to public inconvenience.  Although The Madurai Corporation thinks they have found the solution to the problem. It has been proposed that the City will begin waste removal services overnight.

“First, we have to change the mindset of the people about when to dispose of their household waste. We have chosen to do the night clearing work between 10 p.m. and 4 p.m. If it is successful, we will extend the practice to other parts of the city,”

This is a win-win for Madurai and hopefully it results in a cleaner city.

Detroit, Michigan– The City of Detroit has been making numerous major cuts in order to save money and waste removal services are no different. Detroit is looking to privatize the solid waste collection for about 250,000 area households.

Currently there is very little active waste removal in Detroit and the City is in desperate need of a contract. Not only are they seeking a waste removal contract but also one that rehires the displaced former workers.

It is very important to Detroit and specifically its economy to reestablish an effective waste removal service. A plan should be in place by mid September.


Porto, Portugal– An area court has order a waste removal company rehire a recently fired employee. The employee was fired for being intoxicated while at work. The Portuguese court claims drunk trash men appear happier to members of the public.

The court also ordered the waste removal company to repay the 14 months worth of back wages. Currently there are no rules in his contract that state he cannot consume alcohol on the job.

“It is to be noted that with alcohol, the worker may forget about life’s hardships … and the public may even consider that this happy worker is a very efficient, excellent and quick remover of scrap,” said the verdict on the court’s website

This is definitely something that can only happen abroad. I admit if I were a Portuguese sanitation worker, it may take some drinks to get me through the day.