Brooklyn, New York: Literally and figuratively. the hottest place to dine in all of New York City are at events called The Salvage Supperclubs. It is not necessarily the food that is bringing attention to The Salvage Supperclubs, but rather experience. For just $50, you can consume a multi-course dinner all inside a dumpster.

Unfortunately, the food for the meal is not found in the dumpster. However it is donated from City Harvest, a nonprofit that is able to divert 46 million pounds of food to those in need in the NYC area. From beef tartar to peach-peppermint sorbet, they are still able to deliver a 5 star meal, even if it is mostly food scraps.

The organizers of The Salvage Supperclubs are not looking to take advantage of hipster market of NYC, that are just interested in unique experience. They started these events to gain attention to the food waste problem that is especially evident in NYC. With over 40% of all food purchases headed to the trash, it essential to have demonstrations such as this to bring the issue to the surface.  Just remember if you decide to eat in a dumpster to showcase our food waste problem, you better finish your plate!

Kiev, Ukraine: After finding out people are dining in dumpster, you may think nothing else will shock you, but this video takes it to a new level. Ukraine is in the midst of a variety of governmental issues all stemming from serious corruption. Even with recent positive efforts, the Ukrainian government is still receiving a great deal of opposition in the form of protests.

When burning tires and throwing firecrackers failed to deliver the protesters message, they turned their sites on Vitaliy Zhuravskiy. Zhuravskiy has been an independent Member of Parliament since 1998 and found himself in the center of chaos. Before he knew it, the protesters tossed Zhuravskiy in a nearby dumpster.

To make matters worse, they would not let him out and even began dumping more garbage on him. Luckily authorities in the area were able to retrieve him from the dumpster before any injuries. The videos of this act have gone viral and although this was very excessive, it did bring national attention to the corruption plaguing Ukraine.

Fort Collins, Colorado: A Colorado State University student named Braxton Norwood has started his business called TurfToes. The company began from Norwood’s simple love of feeling grass between his toes. After spending a semester abroad, with little access to grass or artificial turf, he returned to the states putting grass on everything he could.

After finding a scrap piece of artificial turf in a dumpster, Norwood had an idea that would change his life. He attached the turf to the sole of a pair of sandals, started wearing them around and began receiving a lot of envious attention.

“It’s crazy how much it looks and even feels like actual grass,” said Norwood “Most sandals after you wear them for a while, wear out. We like to think of our sandals as wearing in. They get better over time,” he said.

As the TurfToes sandal grows in popularity, he was even been recognized by Colorado State for his efforts. Norwood received around $4,000 in the form of a grant that rewards students for starting businesses while still in school. Currently the TurfToes sandals are only available for wholesale purchase and unfortunately the materials are no longer salvaged from Colorado dumpsters.