Every city needs dumpsters to properly remove waste. However some cities in the United States are able to do it much better than others. Check out Budget Dumpster’s list of the top cities in America that need and do not necessarily need a dumpster.

Here are the cities that should contact Budget Dumpster:

#5: Las Vegas, Nevada

It really shouldn’t be any shock that Las Vegas makes this list. The ‘City of Sin’ attracts thousands of tourists every week, that quickly leave all of their garbage behind. Sin City also ranks very poorly for air quality and one of largest contributors to the depletion of the ozone layer. Las Vegas is finally making the appropriate environmental efforts to change its ways. The Las vegas strip is coming much more sustainable and plans have just been approved to construct the largest recycling center in the United States. Until these improvements are made, it will continue to rank as one of the dirtiest places (in term of waste removal) in America.

#4: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

OKC residents are forced to pay to recycle. This has resulted in a recycling rate of only 3%, which is the worst in the nation. Oklahoma City also tops the lists for the most pollution. It appears it is very difficult to make proper waste removal decisions in OKC. Please contact Budget Dumpster to rent an affordable dumpster in the Oklahoma City area. Let’s work together on getting Oklahoma City off of this list!

#3: Louisville, Kentucky

The City of Louisville has endured harmful emissions from local coal plants for far too long. This has not only affected its air quality, but its water has been also plagued by many of the same contaminants. Louisville can put a majority of the blame on Cane Run Power Plant, which landed them high on Forbes list of ‘Most Dirty City in America.’ The City of Louisville could use a dumpster just to take care off all the losing betting slips from the Kentucky Derby!

#2: San Antonio, Texas

This is a city that seems to be stuck in its ways. Usually that may not a bad thing, but if it continues to put you on the list of dirtiest cities, it is time to make some waste removal efforts. Many have cited San Antonio’s uncleanliness from its allowance of partying in the city streets. This seems like a problem that could easily be solved by a permanent dumpster. There is no excuse for not utilizing proper garbage removal services!

#1: St. Louis, Missouri

The city that rests on the mighty Mississippi provides many advantages to its economy, but not to its environmental. There has been a variety of problems throughout the years. Recently, more than 20 million pounds of toxic materials were disposed into the land and 5 million pounds into the air. This is just one of the many examples that the City of St. Louis must constantly work against. Good thing St. Louis has easy access to affordable waste removal solutions.

–Here our list of cities that do not need AS MANY dumpsters!

#5: Bismark, North Dakota

North Dakota’s Capital City received straight ‘A’s” on Environmental Protection Agency’s annual report for pollution. When Bismark does have environmental problems, it is usually a result of issues from nearby cities for things such as forest fires. It may be easier to keep a city clean, because Bismark goes not attract many visitors. However a very clean city is pretty desirable and it is just a matter of time before others catch on.

#4: Wichita, Kansas

“The Air Capital of the World” earned this distinction by ranking best in the United States for air quality. It is much better improvement from it’s old nickname, ‘cowtown.’ They have managed to keep their air clean, despite having a significant manufacturing industry. There are not many sources to support how or why the city is so clean, but we can all assume the availability dumpsters in Witchita, is part of the reason.

#3: Santa Fe, New Mexico

This City of Santa Fe has put a serious emphasis on the environment and its residents have ran with it. Santa Fe always ranks high on lists for quality  of life and it is a direct result of its cleanliness. It is known for its clean industry and its closes power plant is over 200 miles away. Santa Fe is in prime position to continue its environmental efforts and climb this list.

#2: Cheyenne, Wyoming

The State of Wyoming has been rapidly increasing its drilling and fracking, but the City of Cheyenne has remained an oasis of sustainability. According to the American Lung Association, Cheyenne provided the least pollution into our atmosphere and has lowest population of people with asthma. As long as the this clean city is able to fend off the poor practices that surround it, Cheyenne will remain atop of all of the environmental lists.

#1: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Despite is large population, Minneapolis is able to properly manage its waste and keep the city clean for its 3.3 million residents. Since Budget Dumpster supplies Minneapolis dumpster rentals, we are happy to take some portion of the credit for this accomplishment. It has a vast public transportation network and graffiti will be removed in less than 24 hours. Many lists have the City of Minneapolis ranked as the 4th cleanest city in the world.

Does your city or you personally need proper waste removal services? Contact Budget Dumpster and let’s get your city on its way to being the cleanest in the United States!