Improperly disposing trash and unwanted materials can be very detrimental to our environment and animals. However as humans continue to let their garbage enter wildlife habitats, our animals are forced to adapt to the situation or inevitably become extinct. You would expect that animals and garbage would not mix well, but in some cases animals are actually finding ways to benefit from trash. Budget Dumpster does not endorse subjecting any animals to waste but we are happy to highlight the wildlife that is excelling when confronted with trash obstacles.

Hazardous Waste:

10,000 elephants are killed every year just for their ivory tusks. Activist and governmental institutions around the world are struggling to combat this illegal ivory trading. With little options, enforcement officials are now teaming up with scientists to test the carbon-14 levels of recovered ivory. When comparing the gathered information against other data, we are able to find out where the animal died and potentially who was responsible for the death.

The carbon 14 levels are determined by the amount of exposure the elephant had to radiation. Many of the areas where elephant population is still high is still being effected by the nuclear fallout from the over 2,000 bombing including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This ability to test radiation and find criminals may be the only positives of nuclear warfare. Unfortunately this is not a permanent solution because measurable amounts will only last for 15 more years.

Cigarette Butts:

One of the most common types of human garbage is cigarettes. These things are harming the environment after harming someones lungs. With billions of cigarette butts currently on earth, birds especially are taking advantage of them to line their nests. Not only are they valuable for supporting the structures but the ingredients in the cigarette are actually deterring other insects. However this is not a shocking revelation because aren’t we all turned away by cigarettes? Regardless, we should be grateful something is benefiting from them!

Golf Courses:

Golf courses that are not well maintained are a burden on the environment and give the places that are making Eco-friendly efforts a bad rap. A recent study has shed some light on the good of golf courses for wildlife, especially turtles. Researchers have discovered, golf ponds allow turtles to thrive and have the best diversity of species. Turtles are benefiting greatly off the waste of golfers, since players are only able to use a maximum of 30% of the course. Thus giving turtles ample chances to flourish.

Roadside Trash:

You may think the construction of roadways would deter wildlife from the area. Moose are risking colliding with cars to help raise their young. Roads are actually now the babysitters for young moose. Not only do they provide food from the litter by drivers but also supply protection from other animals who are afraid of roads. Weirdly moose are the only animals that are taking advantage of roads, or at least until other animals catch on.

Global Warming:

It is hard to argue the benefits of global warming and many of our waste removal techniques are adding to the problem. As temperatures continue to rise, icebergs will continue to melt. A study of the Weddell Sea showed an increase of biological activity by 40 percent. So it looks like fish do not mind if it gets a little hotter. Hopefully we can find a solution where fish and humans both benefit.

It is refreshing to see that animals can still thrive after being trashed by humans. If you want to remove your unwanted materials without harming animals or the environment, contact Budget Dumpster. We are your green solution to trash!