Opportunities given to the residence of Tuscaloosa Alabama and the students at the University of Alabama are scarce. That is why the city and the university have partnered together to provide more accessible ways to recycle.

The city of Tuscaloosa has many residents including a large population of students and renters. This makes it hard for everyone to become educated on the previous forms of recycling methods throughout the city. However, recycling is important and Tuscaloosa wanted to assure that they addressed the issue.

By placing large blue recycling bins on trailers in areas where residents flourish, such as apartment complexes and areas where students live, the city and the university are hoping that recycling will become more frequent. Some students and residents weren’t able to take advantage of curbside recycling due to the places in which they live, so with the help of the blue recycling bins being placed meticulously throughout Tuscaloosa they can have recycling methods more accessible to them.

Not only has the city provided the trailers of blue recycling bins to the residents and students but the university has always made drive up recycling services available to their apprentices. There have always been programs available but with the students and renters coming through the city and leaving the city, it has been hard to educate the population of Tuscaloosa of the various services.

Not only have the city and University of Alabama provided everyone with more recycling bins for proper waste disposal, but Tuscaloosa has plans for a brand new recycling center. The center is expected to be built by January of 2014. The plant will have tours available as well as an observation deck. The city is doing everything they can to amp up their recycling methods and services.

Via: The Crimson White