Ty Pennington has become a household name due to his great and charitable work with ABC’s Extreme Makeover. Ty is the face of the show, where he leads a hard-working team that renovates houses desperately in need of improvement and does so for families desperately in need. In doing so, they will often undergo significant demolition prior to elaborate renovations, all of which would form a ‘great pyramid’ of a debris pile if they didn’t have a disposal plan in place. Typically, this is done by having one or more roll off dumpster rentals on the property, and dumping and returning them as needed. On a job site as large a scale as Extreme Makeover, the crew may go through 5-10 construction dumpsters that require disposal at recycling and/or landfill sites.

Extreme Makeover’s results are shared with and admired by a global audience, which in turn has inspired not only similar TV programs, but also general contractors that do this type of work for a living. So Ty Pennington is not just the face of ABC’s show, but has become the face of the entire home renovation industry.

Home makeovers/renovations/improvements are part of a booming industry thanks in part to shows like Extreme Makeover, but also to changes in property ownership due to a down real estate market. In this industry, homeowners and contractors alike are following Ty’s lead and renting dumpsters for their projects. During these projects, debris builds quickly during demolition and continues through construction. Unless you want it to pile up, one of the only options available is to rent a roll off dumpster. If you have a small job, and you have a strength in estimating, you can get away with one dumpster on site with one dump once it’s full. In the case of a large job, multiple dumpster rentals or dumps may be needed and different sizes are available.Whether you have been inspired by Extreme Makeover, or simply realized a need for improvement, the hope is that your results make you proud and are worth the time and expense.