University of California-Davis has been pushing the envelope towards complete sustainability on the campus. This school has been setting the example for how a university should manage the waste that they create. The environmental efforts have led to many awards and national recognition. UC Davis uses a variety of methods to ensure the smallest environmental impact possible.

The primary green tactic that was implemented was Project Compost, which takes food waste from dining halls and other food providers on campus. All the collected leftover food is composted in turned into nutrient rich soil for the UC Davis Student Farm.

The green approach to the campus has also resulted in the creation on many new buildings using the most advanced environmental standards. Even the older buildings have taken part in the environmental efforts.

“We give them [a] tune-up, just like how you take care of your car. We go through to make improvements to keep old buildings up to date,” said Sid England, assistant vice chancellor of Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

How people get around on campus has taken on a sustainability method. All of the transportation has been converted to run on clean-burning compressed natural gas. Also UC Davis has been offering 24/7 recycling drop offs since 1976, which proves they are always a step ahead of the game. In 2012 alone, they have diverted 21,025 tons of waste from reaching the landfill.

UC Davis’ green research has taken the environmental efforts to the next level. A revolutionary product, created by a professor at the university, is able to covert our waste into usable energy. The product is known as the Biodigester uses special bacteria to break down our unwanted food and creates methane gas that can be burned for energy.

Not only will the Biodigestor divert a great deal of food waste from making it to the landfill but also the energy that is created will play a major part in fueling the campus. UC Davis plans to reduce its footprint to hopefully zero by the year 2020. As one of the greenest university’s in the world, UC Davis sets an amazing example for other institutions and major businesses.