In an effort to help aid in recycling and being green, a Vancouver company diverted over 8,000 plastic bottles from landfills. The Soap Dispensary has come up with a solution to get more people to join them in going green.

The Soap Dispensary is well aware of the fact that not all plastic recycled by consumers is actually recycled and reused. In fact, only 6.5% of recycled plastic is actually recycled and reused. The rest is sent back to the landfill. Over 33.6 million tons of plastic is discarded every year. Very little of the materials that Americans recycle ever gets reused. This is why The Soap Dispensary has come up with their own way to help aid in the recycling and reusing process.

The company has made it so that their customers can easily come in and fill up their used plastic bottles. This allows them to reuse their plastic soap bottles as much as possible. In just two years, this has saved over 8,000 plastic bottles from going to the landfill.

Not only is plastic a concern when it comes to recycling and whether or not it will ever even escape going into a landfill, but the chemicals in soap can possibly cause harm to the environment. This is why The Soap Dispensary offers their refillable options at their small storefront. Many of their customers have been taking advantage of these services and complain when they have to purchase a new bottle.

Finding a way to recycle and reuse your waste materials on your own is always a good idea if you are concerned about the environment and like to stay green. As for The Soap Dispensary, they plan on continuing their efforts and expanding the ways they can get consumers to reuse and recycle.