Make directing your company’s calls easier by allowing Virtual PBX to do it for you. They have a virtual phone system service that can handle all of your calls with ease. Their system is able to record phone conversations, route calls, and even provide voice-mail services that can be heard through email.

Virtual PBX makes the overall experience a pleasing one for any customer. They simplify every phone call so that your customers aren’t rerouted from person to person. They even make the hold times delightful by providing music and special greetings. There are caller menu options as well as after hour and holiday greetings for those who call as your business is closed.

Your calls can be directed to any employee around the world. It doesn’t matter where your employees are located, Virtual PBX can route the call to them. You can have multiple phone lines with different greetings, and can even take advantage of local, toll-free and international calling options.

There are many beneficial features and perks that Virtual PBX can provide to your company.

  • Saving money is always nice. Virtual PBX can offer their customers free phones, multiple lines, free long distance phone calls, and more. Your company can save anywhere from 40% to 80% on their monthly phone bill!
  • Virtual PBX is reliable, has great features, customizing options, easy setup, and a 24/7 emergency hotline.
  • There is real-time, online monitoring and reports.
  • There is no need for you to perform any system maintenance. Virtual PBX’s phone system can handle the calls for any size company, big or small. Updates to the features and customizations will be done automatically without having to change the system.
  • VoIP Phones can be provided by Virtual PBX. This phone is a high quality system that will provide you with unlimited minutes and flat rate billing. There’s a built in speaker phone, digital display and is compatible with POE.
  • Virtual PBX can also provide your employees with cellphones, standard analog phones, or anything else that will convenience your business.

There are so many reasons why your company should go through Virtual PBX. The list of features as well as all the ways you could benefit from their virtual phone system is astounding. The money saved and the ease of the entire system is something that would greatly assist your company.

You won’t have to worry about any system maintenance or dropped phone calls. If you encounter a problem, simply call the emergency hotline which is available to you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can even access your phone call history at any given time and listen to full conversations from previous phone calls. Virtual PBX gives you access to all of your calls at any time.

Here at Budget Dumpster, we use Virtual PBX and their high quality VoIP phones for our outbound and inbound calling. We have over 14 customer service reps and take in over 500 calls a day. We highly recommend Virtual PBX. All of our calls have gone through Virtual PBX and their elite calling system for approximately 3 years. Their service is impeccable and we are able to access our call history whenever we need to. This helps us keep our customers happy and our business thriving.

Save your company the money, time and the hassle. Virtual PBX has a variety of different options and products for you to select from and they will help you to customize your phone systems to aid your business’s outbound and inbound phone calls.