Back in 2003 to 2005, Walmart was found to be illegally dumping waste in California. The waste being illegally handled consisted of hazardous materials such as pesticides. The company had recently pleaded guilty in San Francisco CA for their illegal dumping case that began nearly a decade ago.

Walmart was charged with a sum of $81.6 million for their illegal dumping case. The case involved 20 prosecutors and 32 environmental groups. The total of the money paid by Walmart for the case was $110 million. The case lasted over 8 years and the illegal dumping had occurred in over 16 different counties in California.

The company was charged with illegal dumping after it was found that Walmart wasn’t training their employees to properly dispose of pesticides and other hazardous materials, which violates federal law. The hazardous waste was being tossed into sewers and trash cans. The waste must be handled with special care rather than tossed out like everyday waste in order to protect the environment.

In 2010, Walmart had an overhaul of their waste disposal program for hazardous wastes after having to pay $27.6 million to the state of California. Since then, they’re disposal program has been of compliance. The employees have been trained differently and more efficiently. Proper waste disposal is being practiced.

As Walmart continues to train their employees to properly care for hazardous materials, they only get better at managing the waste materials. They are growing from their mistakes made since 2003 and 2005 when they were found guilty of illegal dumping. They are also accepting full responsibility for their actions made.

Proper waste disposal is crucial to our environment, especially when it comes to hazardous waste materials. Hazardous waste can affect not only the environment but us. It can make us ill and even kill off living things on our earth. The waste must be handled carefully and properly.

Via: ABC News