The “Land Down Under” has turned to technology to improve its waste removal. Australia has recently unveiled its first online marketplace for managing waste and recycling called Waste Choices. This innovative company creates a transparent and mutually beneficial situation for those who need trash removal and the services that can facilitate it.

The waste removal marketplace is rather simple. From the largest of construction companies to a single individual go on and post the project that requires waste removal. The “poster” will have over 30 categories, or “waste streams” to place their project in. This helps ensure the project ends up in the right hands.

After the posting, companies that can provide waste removal services will have the opportunity to make a bid on the project. A majority of Australia’s major waste management companies are already using Waste Choices to their advantage and now even many smaller services are now getting into the mix. All parties involved are finding Waste Choices to be extremely cost-effective.

Joel Harrison, Co-Founder of Waste Choices said, “Waste Choices simplifies the management of waste by providing businesses the choice and flexibility of working with different service providers to manage various waste streams in a compliant manner. The cost of managing and disposing waste has increased over the years. Waste Choices offers businesses a better way to manage their waste streams by providing more options and access to a wider range of service providers.”

For those who post a waste removal project, they get to decide which of the competitive bids is perfect for them. Waste Choices users will also be able to post their current dumpster and trash removal contracts. When the contract is almost up, they will receive a variety of bids to find a new provider. This will also help from people getting automatically renewed into a less than ideal contracts.

Just in the short time of being in business, Waste Choices is predicting that its users will save between 10-25% annually based on the highly competitive nature. With Australia having tremendous amount of trash removal services, this will not only drive down costs across the board, but also add a level of transparency that did not exist prior to Waste Choices.

Waste Choices brings a new competitive advantage to the industry by opening the waste disposal market to smaller service providers who want to grow their market share and to target new customers without making additional capital constraints such as hiring sales people or leasing trucks to manage waste collections. This is a win-win solution for both businesses and service providers.” Harrison proclaims.

Whether there is a need for hazardous trash removal or even simple recycling, everyone in Australia can get their trash taken care of, with just a few mouse clicks. The waste removal industry in Australia is valued at $2.5 billion and Waste Choices seems to be an essential step in making it more efficient. However the strive for efficiency is still in effect and the Waste Choice mobile application will be available in December of 2014.

It is just a matter of time before this business model is offered in the United States. Using the appropriate waste removal solution is essential to accomplishing a project in an affordable and timely manner. Budget Dumpster would be proud to involved in the American version of Waste Choices.