Just over a year ago, construction started on a house near the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom, but this is not any ordinary house. This is the first permanent building in the UK made completely out of recycled and unwanted materials. Every inch of the home that has been coined the “Waste House” has some type of garbage, or rubbish if asking a British person.

Undergraduates at Brighton teamed up with local architects and other volunteers to turn this project into a reality. Much of the construction for the home took place at an off site location. The real challenge was collecting the right garbage for the job.

After the Brighton Waste House was officially completed, the true contents of the construction was revealed. The most shocking revelation was the 20,000 used toothbrushes, which were donated by a nearby airport to that hands them out to their first class passengers. Other notable construction materials include 4,000 DVD cases, 4,000 VHS tapes, 2,000 wallpaper rolls, 2,000 carpet tiles, 2,000 floppy disks, and over 2 ton of denim. The rest of the Waste House was found at area landfills.

The true source of the project was to emphasis that nothing is actually trash, just in the wrong place and could be used somewhere else. The Waste House will be utilized for University of Brighton events. If you are ever in the United Kingdom, be sure to check out the house made of rubbish. There are definitely enough DVD’s to provide some entertainment.