The way mattresses are being disposed of is beginning to pose a problem for many cities and landfills.  The cost to dispose of them has become more expensive plus they are taking up too much space at the landfills.

The waste management industry is trying to come up with recycling methods for used discarded mattresses. States from all over, including Massachusetts and California are planning on finding a creative way to implement these recycling methods. There are currently 40 mattress recycling centers in the United States. However, there are plans to expand these centers into other cities.

There are about 20 million mattresses being discarded every year. Only a portion of these make it to the recycling centers while the rest end up in a landfill where they take up large amounts of space. This is becoming an issue. Mattresses are hard to condense or crush, but can be broken down. They even jam the machines used to do so. Some landfills won’t accept mattresses because of this and they then land in the hands of those who are willing to sell the old mattresses for use. This can be very unhealthy and help the spread of bed bugs and other illnesses.

Finding an appropriate way to dispose of mattresses such as recycling them will help keep the environment safe. The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) hopes to find an alternative way to dispose of and recycle mattresses. They want to eventually implement a strict recycling method to reduce the amount of mattresses making their way to the landfills.

Proper waste disposal isn’t just important when it comes to mattresses but other products and materials as well. Yes mattresses take up a lot for space at a landfill, but other materials are also being discarded in an improper manner. It is crucial that recycling methods are employed if we want to keep our earth green and our environment around us clean.

Via: BedTimes Magazine