This is a compilation of statements from the foremost experts regarding the current state and future of waste removal. Each expert has a unique perspective from their specific space within the waste removal industry. Here is your opportunity to talk a little trash with the best in the business!


Daniel Brown is the Co-Founder of Rust Belt Riders, a composting company powered by bicycles.

“Organic separation from waste removal is not only the future of the waste removal industry it is an environmental and ethical imperative. Food is the single largest component of most municipal land fills – this is food that can be diverted to feed people, or reconstituted in the form of compost to help grow new food locally! We work with residents, businesses and school to begin this shift and do it in a way that humanizes the waste removal industry: on bikes! In the past year we have diverted 50,000 lbs. of food scraps to community gardens to be processed into compost which will grow food for hundreds of Clevelanders!”

Rust Belt Riders

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Rob Greenfield can be found in his tiny home, a dumpster looking for waste or even on the Discovery Channel.


“I’ve learned that I can roll up in nearly any city across America and collect enough food from grocery store dumpsters to feed 100’s of people in a matter of one night. The only thing that limited me was the size of the vehicle I had to transport it. My experience shows me that grocery store dumpsters are being filled to the brim with perfectly good food every day in nearly every city across America, all while children at school are too hungry to concentrate on their studies.”


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John Locke is the inventor of the Inflato Dumpster.

“As more and more waste is diverted from landfills into both post-consumer reuse and recycling streams, the Inflato Dumpster is a radical experiment playing on those notions of waste and recycling. In this instance, we wanted to use the opportunities for shelter afforded by the dumpster, to both reclaim public space for new uses of play and open use, but also recycle knowledge through a program of community learning and material workshops. The temporal quality of the ubiquitous dumpster on New York City streets is an amazing opportunity to create change and new experiences for the neighborhood.”


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The Plastic Expert is the leading plastic recycling service in the UK.

“Not every waste management company has knowledge of plastic recycling; this means that correct segregation procedures are often not implemented at the site where the waste is produced. Ensuring your waste management partner has plastic recycling knowledge should be an important part of any business’ procurement strategy.

What businesses should realise is that there is a value to their waste plastic material to the recycling industry; correct segregation and possible compaction can create a financial return.

It is estimated that only around 30% of plastic packaging is recycled in the UK; a figure that needs to improve immediately. One complaint made against recycling is that the material takes up a lot of physical space if kept aside to store for collection. That’s not really the case if a business is using a baler or compactor. These machines take up a small amount of space, but compact recyclable material to about one fifth of the size.”


Patty Moore is the President and CEO of Moor Recycling Associates, which has been helping the government, businesses and communities manage waste for 25 years.

Patty Moore is the President and CEO of Moore Recycling Associates, which has been helping the government, businesses and communities manage waste for 25 years.

“The United States will not achieve high recycling rates without substantive public policy initiatives. Recycling is a priority in every region of the world—and the U.S.—that has high recycling rates. Recycling has reached a cap because waste management, thus recycling, is a local issue in the U.S., creating massive inefficiencies in the recycling systems. Recycling should be mandatory: everywhere there is a trash can, there should be a recycling and composting bin. And to make such a system work, what we collect and how we refer to those items must be harmonized across jurisdictions.”






A leader in the waste removal industry, this company recently rented its 100,000th dumpster!

A leader in the waste removal industry, this company recently rented its 100,000th dumpster!

“The use of dumpsters is a time-tested, effective measure that will continue to help remove unwanted materials. Whether it is development or deconstruction, there is always a tremendous need for waste removal. Budget Dumpster realizes this reliance and provides the most affordable dumpsters, giving everyone the opportunity to get rid of their garbage. At this point, there is no reason to not properly dispose your waste. Citizens and communities will need to increase the utilization of dumpsters, in order to ensure a safe and clean future.”



Maximus Thaler received recognition for The Gleaners’ Kitchen, a free restaurant in Boston.

Thaler’s contribution is a relevant blurb from his new book: A Curious Harvest: The Practical Art of Cooking Everything!

“What do I have to eat?”

“Long before supermarkets taught us what we should buy to eat, we simply looked around and ate what looked good to eat. A Curious Harvest marks a return to this kind of thinking. Focusing on ingredients, from the common to the curious, rather than finished dishes Maximus Thaler of The Gleaner’s Kitchen offers a choose-your-own primer for preparing tasty, nutritious meals without dogma or shopping lists. Inside each ingredient is beautifully and reverently illustrated by Dayna Safferstein. On each page is information about storing and preparing, when to roast and when to juice, each page is information about storing and preparing, when to roast and when to juice, and what goes well with what. What you won’t find are complicated   recipes requiring expensive trips to the supermarket. The result is nothing short of radical.”

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Click to purchase the book!