Santa Cruz, California– Following the July 4th festivities a crew of almost 300 volunteers set out to clean up what the partyers left behind. After completely clearing the beach area, the volunteers had accumulated around 1,500 pounds of trash.

What is known as the “Star Spangled Beach Cleanup” has been removing waste from the Santa Cruz area, every July 5th for the last 30 years. However this was the first year that the unpaid workers utilized roll off dumpster rentals to make things easier on themselves.

“The Dumpsters helped lessen what was left behind and provided more capacity than the small receptacles at the beaches” said one of the volunteers.

All nine Santa Cruz beaches were cleaned in record time, mainly because of the dumpster rentals. I am sure that next July 5th that they will be utilized again.


New Brunswick, Canada– Throwing your trash into a dumpster may have no gotten any easier but is definitely more enjoyable. Fero Waste and Recycling Inc. have been placing inspirational messages on its fleet of dumpsters.

People that have experienced these “feel good” dumpsters have really taken a liking to the messages. Currently, the potential mood improvers have stuck to simple messages such as “Have a Nice Day” but there are plans for more.

Fero plans to place messages on the dumpster that could positively influence children, such as “stay in school.” This is definitely a simple way to increase waste removal.


Durham, North Carolina– Recent University of New Hampshire graduate, Alex Freid, plans to expand his college waste reduction program called “Trash 2 Treasure.” The college program was very successful by recycling over 2,000 electronics, donating over 5 tons of food, saving UNH 10,000 in disposal fees and acquiring over $30,000 in revenue.

The expansion is now into a non-profit called PLAN (Post-Landfill Action Network), which will help other college campus improve their waste disposal practices. Over 80 schools have already signed on with PLAN and have received thousands of dollars in grants.


Bay Area, California– Budget Dumpster has expanded its service to provide roll off dumpster rentals to the Bay Area. This service will supply effective waste removal to San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland and the surrounding areas.

Currently, Budget Dumpster is in over 40 states and is constantly expanding its service area. Although it is a national provider of dumpster rentals, Budget Dumpster has not lost focus at the local level. Allow Budget Dumpster to help you accomplish your next waste removal project.