Geneva, Switzerland: Large cruise ships must constantly deal waste removal problems and being on the water does not make it any easier. However passengers aboard the Magnifica were shocked on the approach the crew took on how to manage the trash. Shown in the video below, catches a crew member disposing trash bags by simply throwing them over the sides of the ship into the ocean.

Obviously, this is breaking international law and is bringing a great amount of negative exposure to MSC Cruises. The Company has launched a full investigation in efforts to prevent this from happening again. Hopefully this will stop them and others from improper waste disposal, however realistically this is probably a common practice around the world.

New York City: San Diego State University is well known for their Zero Waste campus and has recently expanded their efforts across the country. They have started a project called “Green Loop”, which will combat the trash problems of New York City. The idea is create 10 waterfront hubs throughout the city to manage the various waste. The proposal has proven to be very success full in San Diego.

Half of the Green Loop hubs will dedicated to composting waste, the other half will be parks and other community resources such as bike paths, gardens and even parking lots. With NYC spending over $300 million of waste disposal a year, this plan needs to start soon but will likely be implemented in 2022.

World-Wide: The immensely popular K-Cups have revolutionized coffee around the world. What started as a solution to fight coffee waste, the exact opposite effect has resulted and was featured in a past blog from Budget Dumpster. The single use products have been around just a year. However if you line up all the used K-Cups from the past year in a row, they will be able to circle the globe 11 times. A solution needs to be found soon because we know people won’t stop drinking their coffee.

Austin, Texas: What started off as an idea to joke at the festivities surround the South by Southwest Festival. The band Twin Shadow decided to perform a set in a dumpster. Many do not realize how perfect the acoustics are inside a dumpster. Check out them below or rent your own dumpster from Budget Dumpster.