Montréal, Canada: Electric vehicles are growing in popularity and a group out of Quebec has confirmed it. By hosting an event, where 431 electric cars will parade throughout the city, they will be able to set a new Guinness World Record. The EV Parade will be filled with converted sports cars and even had an electric boat towed by a plug in hybrid truck, but unfortunately the boat was not counted in the total.

The World Record topped the old record of 305 held by a group in Zurich. However, Quebec is a notoriously green city and rightly deserves the title. It is refreshing to see Canada is being so environmentally responsible because we know America is not helping out very much.

United States: Sticking with the green theme, let’s move into the constant issue of the dreaded plastic bag. Recently major U.S. cities have instituted anti-plastic bag legislation. The positive trend has led to over 20 million Americans currently living in communities without plastic bags.

However there are still 100 billion plastic bags exchanging hands every single year, enough to circle the globe over 1000 times. It will take the efforts of other major cities to reduce the use of plastic bags, with New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago having recently implemented their own programs. Hopefully, the movement will make its way into the smaller metropolitan areas thereafter.

Korea: It almost seems inevitable that we will one day soon be wearing electronics. There are many wearable electronics currently on the market, but a company out of Korea has developed the technology that will be able to be powered by the people wearing them.

What is called thermoelectric technology is very versatile and has a very high output of power. By harnessing the energy released from the human skin, this technology could instantly make current products obsolete. Thermoelectric will not only prove successful in the electronics field, but will also be easily translated into many other industries.

Worldwide: Every product has the opportunity to be improved and Waste Management believes it’s the dumpster’s time. Although it is still highly effective in terms of removing waste, it very difficult to ship these large receptacles around the world. With most dumpsters being shipped from Asia, this seems to be the biggest obstacle facing the dumpster and WM thinks they have found the solution.

Nicknamed the “Container Crew,” plans to redesign the dumpster to what is known as a “Nested”. The new shape will allow the dumpsters to be stacked, increasing the amount of containers able to be shipped at a single time from 8 to 42. This will save a tremendous amount of money for both dumpster rental services and consumers.