Lamesa, Texas: MARS Inc. is better known as producer of many of our most delicious candy bars, such as Snickers but is soon to recognized for there environmental efforts. The candy conglomerate has begun construction on a massive wind farm, which will be able to power enough to handle all of MARS’ various operations, or the energy equivalent of MARS’ 37 factories and over 70 offices.

By 2015, the wind farm will be fully operational and MARS can begin reaping the many benefits of going green. If you are in the mood for candy, be sure to pick up a MARS bar and instantly be able to rationalize eating junk food by purchasing from a green company.

Worldwide: Governmental officials around the globe are implementing laws to combat the biggest contributor to litter, cigarette butts, but have not been successful. Still with laws in place, over 7 trillion cigarette butts are improperly disposed every year. However a company called Ioglo thinks they have found the solution.

What has been coin the “smoke pole” allows smokers to be entertained and motivated to dispose their butts in the proper spot. The pole lights up and plays music after the smoker puts the butt into the pole. Rewarding smokers seems to be a more effective approach to combat the waste than using loosely enforced laws.

Outer Space: You would think outer space is big enough where waste is not an issue but after 50 years of leaving stuff behind, space waste is becoming a problem. Over the years, satellites, parts of rockets and many other things have floated into the abyss. Now NASA plans to track and better protect us from objects flying around earth, some traveling in upwards of 17,000 mph.

The CleanSpace One, was built in Switzerland and will basically be a fence but instead of keeping things out, it will only be able to track and evaluate the incoming debris. Currently over 20,000 individual pieces of space waste are currently being tracked but after the fence it will be around 200,000. This is just another example of the need to protect us from ourselves.