Arlington, Texas: Thanks to social media, a number of waste removal service become very popular that would normally go unnoticed or remain local. A story involving the Texas Rangers has received national attention via Twitter. Near the entrance to the Rangers Ballpark, a statue was littered with trash. The significance is not the improper waste disposal but rather the trash on the significant statue.

The statue was erected in remembrance of Shannon Stone, the fan who lost his life falling off the stands reaching for a foul ball. The Texas Rangers have responded to the social media fire appropriately and already made steps to prevent it from happening again. However, the true culprits of this improper garbage disposal are the spectators that put the trash on the statue.

United States: With over 250 million tons of trash being created by Americans every year, many cities are opting to stop adding to the total. The Zero Waste initiative is becoming attractive to cities across the country by recycling 100% of their unwanted materials. Take a glance at the list below, which highlights the cities leading the charge in Zero Waste.

Oakland, California: Maybe pressured by its green neighbor, San Francisco, Oakland has implemented many of its own programs, which has resulted in over 90% of waste reduction since 2006.

Carrboro, North Carolina: Known as the first to adopt Zero Waste and also the first to prohibit electronic waste in area landfills.

Seattle, Washington: Also involved in Net-Zero Energy and has enough solar panels to handle the entire city!

Austin, Texas: The Texas Capital is taking many necessary steps and has made many strides such as recycling 100% of house paint.

San Francisco, California: The Zero Waste leader and the most likely to become the first in the United States.

Being very progressive and environmentally conscious is not the only thing that all these cities have in common. Another similarity is that these cities all have Budget Dumpster’s services available to them. Our roll off dumpster rentals have helped and will continue help cities across the United States properly remove waste!

Worldwide: It has become very evident that waste in our oceans is a major factor in the lack of progress in the search for the missing Malaysian airliner. What has inevitably been created out of this tragedy is how much waste is currently in our oceans? This does not seem like a problem that is going to vanish any time soon.

This is obviously a hard question to answer because much of the waste in the ocean has sunk to the bottom. When it comes to expert opinion currently there is about 460,000 tons of trash floating on the ocean or around 5.25 pieces of debris. Since no country or organization is required to clean up the ocean, this is a number that will only continue to rise.