Madrid, Spain: City officials have been struggling to get more environmentally friendly vehicles on their roadways. Recently they have implemented a more aggressive approach by charging customers to park on city streets based upon the fuel efficiency of their vehicle. Older models, as well as diesel powered will be subject to fees 20% higher than the current rates and hybrids will pay 20% less. As for electric cars, they will be able to park free of charge.


This is excellent motivation to encourage others to convert to vehicles that are better environment and rewards those who have already taken the appropriate steps. This is a trend that has also taken off in many other cities around the world and may become commonplace in a few years.

Detroit, Michigan: The trend of shipping containers being converted to living space has become quite popular especially in the City of Detroit. General Motors is providing the motivation for the container home concept by supplying the necessary materials and the workers. Just 320 square feet of space will house 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

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This project’s concept is not only waste removal friendly but is going above and beyond to reduce waste. Over 85% of the housing container will be erected from metal scraps. It is quite possible that you will be living in a shipping container at some point in your life!

Washington, DC: The White House Garden has been revolutionized since Barack Obama has stepped in office, but the credit goes to the First Lady, Michelle. Recently Madam First Lady has decided to add the first ever “Pollinator Garden.” The addition is designed to help the rest of the huge garden flourish by allowing insects to have tremendous access to pollen.


It is planned to attract over 70,000 bees but will also be home to many other insects that can help aide in the pollination process. Mrs. Obama is known to personally work on the garden with many volunteers. This will not be last improvement made to the White House Garden before the President’s term is over.

Southern California: Budget Dumpster, a nationwide waste removal leader, has recently expanded its service area to better serve the residents of Southern California. Our roll off dumpster rentals will help accomplish any possible waste removal project regardless of size. Environmentally efforts is very important in California, so Budget Dumpster has developed a process that does not commit any further harm to the world that we live in. Contact Budget Dumpster to start taking care of your trash today!