One way to save money, especially in the summer months, is purchasing a water filter. Water filters are no longer a stationary product and can be found in reusable water bottles. This will not only save you money but also promote a healthier lifestyle.

Americans spend over $100 million a year on bottled water alone. As tap water continues to decline, not using a water filter will become damaging to more than just a bank account. On average people who convert to water filters can save around $200 a year and maybe more importantly no longer contribute to water and plastic waste.


Food waste is a major problem in the United States and is a huge factor in the rapid filling of landfills. With 1 out of 6 Americans going hungry, there is really no excuse and the solution to these problems seems clear. There are variety of methods and gadgets to conserve food but one in particular has caught our eye.

The Food Huggers has been getting a great deal of attention on Kickstarter for its effectiveness. Made from completely organic flexible silicone and grips to the ends of fruit and vegetables to keep them fresh. They come in a variety of sizes, color and are perfect for both families and individuals.

Save Time

Toilets with sinks built directly into them are common around the world but its efficiency has brought it into the United States. This is the ultimate saver because it reduces time, water and space.

The $139 price tag may seem high but the immense savings makes this a very reasonable product. This innovative product also gives no one the excuse to not wash your hands. There are many versions of the sink/toilet but all have been created to cut waste.

Save Energy

There are countless opportunities for consumers to save energy costs by taking advantage of solar energy. With all the various electronics in our life, solar chargers allow them to stay in use as long is the sun is up.

Although they may not be able to cut your electricity bill by too much, these solar energy products can be perfect to stay connected on camping trips or when you cannot get near an outlet. These products come in various effectiveness and prices but all are very green.


There are countless savings when you rent a roll off dumpster from Budget Dumpster. We have a tremendous selection of dumpster rentals in a wide variety of sizes to handle any project. Our rentals are very easy to use and our customers can use the dumpster for as much time as they need.

Budget Dumpster has the most affordable prices in the industry and provides service in over 40 states. We are able to deliver a completely hassle-free experience by personally performing a majority of the waste removal aspects for our customers. Our roll off dumpsters are the most effective solution to waste at your location.