Beijing, China– Commuters are killing two birds with one stone by increasing recycling and public transportation. What has been described as a “reverse vending machine” collects recyclables in exchange for fare on the various public transportation options throughout the City.

Although this is still in the testing period, it has been receiving a great deal of popularity because recyclers are receiving instant gratification. There is very little downside to this and hopefully makes its way across the pond to the United States.

Alex Queral– One of the primary concepts of sustainability is repurposing things that would normally be completed wasted. And what is has been more wasteful than phone books? Alex Queral has been transforming these books of precious paper into works of art.

With just a little more an X-Acto knife, Queral is able to peel away pages similar to cutting into an onion. These phone books are gaining a lot of attention and are probably the most desirable phone books in the world.

Oslo, Norway– Now I am no way comparing trash to the deceased but many similarities are shared between disposing waste and the planning for people after death. Norway is limited on space and plans to construct a vertical graveyard to solve the problem.

Although many seem to be apprehensive, this may be the necessary solution around the world in the near future. However, I wouldn’t mind allowing the Norwegians to test this out before we do.

iPhone-This story highlights waste in the interest of time. A thief stole an Iphone but developed a bit of a conscience and decided to return what he thought was important.

The thief returned a handwritten list of every contact in the phone, which ended up totaling over 1,000. Now stealing is definitely worse but this was surely a WASTE of time.