New York City: An Upper East Side landlord needed to clean out one of his apartments and appropriate hired a waste removal service to complete the job. Within just a day the trash service was able to clear out all of apartment 2D but unfortunately they were suppose to clean up 2D.

After a great deal of legal litigation, the renter who lost all of his belonging was only given $40,000. The renter, a big-time baseball fan had a bobble head collection worth almost double that. This is one of the few downsides associated with effective waste removal services.

San Francisco: A city known for banning will continue its trend by completely whipping out bottled water. City Officials will begin phasing out water bottles fewer than 21 oz. with hopes of being gone by October of 2016.

Water bottles will join the San Francisco banned club with Happy Meals, Segways and plastic bags. With the goal of Zero Waste in 2020 on the horizon this is the necessary step in reaching it.

Ann Arbor: Solar panels have been becoming increasingly more popular and a common alternative for many businesses. Even those solar panels are producing clean renewable energy; they have often been restricted to roofs in efforts to absorb the most sun but also because they are very unsightly.

The University of Michigan have invented and the first to install transparent and colored products that can be put on solar panels. The plan to be visible on the side of builds, on windows and even to elevate advertising.  This will not only look cool but also grow the use of solar panels worldwide.

Rio De Janeiro: As the host of the annual Carnival, Rio has already experienced over 5 million visitors, 400 parades and plans to accommodate millions more. The City would normally be able to handle it but has been subjected to a garbage strike.

The City is currently smelly and overwhelmed with trash with no resolution of the strike nowhere on the horizon. With Rio ready to host the World Cup in just 3 months many moves need to be made to improve the conditions.