A Step Forward in Paper

Actor WOODy Harrelson is living up to his name by reducing deforestation by providing a substitute for paper, as we know it. Step Forward Paper is created from agricultural waste and is the sustainable solution. Production focuses on farmers supplying the necessary materials rather than destroying various trees and forests.

Currently half of all tree cutting is directly related to the production of paper. Also to create this “green” product, everything Step Forward Paper needs is agricultural waste from harvesting wheat. So farmers are able to contribute to this environmental effort without sacrificing any moneymaking opportunities.

The first magazine that was completely printed on Step Forward paper was released this week. Hopefully, this is the first of many changes to how we create and use paper.

London Underground Heat

Recently, London became very aware of the tremendous amount of heat that is produced while transporting its citizens underground throughout the city. Currently all this heat is just going to waste, but local energy suppliers plan to harness it and pipe it to over 700 area homes.

This will be a great way for London to save money and improve its sustainability. The plan to cash in on the wasted heat will start at the beginning of 2014.

Amsterdam Collects All Waste

The scenic City of Amsterdam has an incredible amount of roofs and buildings that are filled with beautiful plant life. Unfortunately, these green buildings are suffering from a lack of phosphorus, which is expensive and scarce. Luckily, citizens produce something daily that can be utilized to keep the plants alive.

City Officials have set up a variety of stations to collect urine, which is full of the necessary ingredients to keep the plant life going. What has been coined “Peecycling” may seem disgusting but is actually great way to take advantage of something that would normally go to waste. The Pee Stations actually is a win-win situation for the city that keeps the city clean and initial testing has proved very successful.


Apple Continues Green Growth

Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, CA has set the standard for minimizing waste in all capacities. The site will be filled with over 7,000 trees and will be using a natural ventilation system. With its roof filled will solar panel, Apple will be reaching ”Net Zero” energy consumption.


Currently, Apple has been achieving a 78% waste diversion rate, which is exceptional as they go through its construction process. The headquarters has received criticism for its 10,500 parking spots and the estimated 6,300 gallons of gas used by employees every day. However, this building’s positives still remains supreme.