Varna, Bulgaria: Compact Discs are quickly becoming present day’s floppy disks and just another product that is difficult to dispose. A company based in Bulgaria’s capital city has recently finished a project that diverts a great deal of CD’s from ending up in a landfill.

The picture above shows over 6,000 recycled CD’s attached together using fishing net. What has basically turned into an artistic tourist attraction sits in the middle of Varna. It is truly amazing what can be produced from the things that would normally go to waste.

Malaysia: As the search for the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, more attention seems to be shifting toward the extreme amount of waste in the ocean. What has been commonly referred to as ‘garbage patches’, pose many problems for the search efforts.

“It seemed unbelievable, but I never found a clear spot, in the week it took to cross … plastic debris was floating everywhere: bottles, bottle caps, wrappers, fragments.” Said Charles Moore, a California based researcher, who has been taking part in the search efforts. Although this with this situation we must remained focused on the plane, maybe this garbage issue may receive some much needed attention.

Venice, CA: Technology is vastly improving how we remove waste and making it more efficient. However technological advances are also helping customers get rid of their unwanted materials by taking advantage of things we use on a daily basis. The City of Venice residents can now access My Waste App, which allows them to interact with garbage collection services. They can even report problems and send photos. My Waste App service is somewhat geographically limited but there are a number of waste related apps currently helping people.

Worldwide: This video below has slowly grabbing the attention of many around the Internet. It highlights a young girl attempting, and mostly failing to throw a garbage bag away into a dumpster. Budget Dumpster recognized this problem and has equipped every one of our roll off dumpster rentals with a doorway to easily walk or roll in waste. Still check out this video, it is good for a laugh.