EcoMow Device: It was just a matter of time that the lawn care industry has become greener. The EcoMow is fueled from the grass that it cuts and coverts the materials into nutritious pellets, which are released back into the yard. This innovative machine was produced by students at George Mason University and recently teamed up with Google.

The students and Google created software to control to the EcoMow. By using Google Maps, owners of the product and dictate exactly where and what they want mowed. Although the EcoMow will cost around $500 it will be cost effective with fuel costs and energy spent.

Sochi, Russia: The conditions of the 2014 Olympics are forcing the participants to become resourceful. Heather Moyse the Canadian Bobsledder is leading the inventive practices to get ready for their events.

Shown in the picture above, Moyse converted a trashcan into a bath. She has been using the trashcan before and after every event. It is wonderful to see how waste removal can help people in a variety of ways.

Outer Space: Recently, astronaut Michael Hopkins released the capsule called Cygnus from the International Space Station. The Cygnus is filled with over 5 weeks worth of trash, totaling 2,780 pounds and will burn up as it falls into Earth’s atmosphere. It seems that outer space waste removal is easier and more efficient that back on earth.

Ojai, California: The story of a local garbage man going above any beyond the call of duty has swept the nation this week. Manuel Sanchez has been removing waste in Southern California for quite some time but recently gained a friend. Daniel Mulligan, a young autistic boy enthusiastically greets the garbage man every week.

Sanchez decided to make this pick up extra special by dropping off a present for his Number 1 Fan. Luckily, the boy’s mother was able to capture this all on video and instantly went viral. This heart-warming story has touched many all across the globe.