Do you often find yourself asking, “why should I recycle?” Or maybe, “why is this dumpster rental company asking me to recycle?” Well, the answer is simple and that is because recycling is the answer to making the environment a better place for future generations. When you recycle your materials, you are giving them a new life and keeping them from entering landfills where they can stay for years to come.

Is it wrong for a dumpster company such as Budget Dumpster to promote recycling? No! Why would it be? We care about the environment just as much as the next guy. We have worked with food advocate Rob Greenfield to dumpster dive for edible food.

Recycling can be seen in many different aspects such as taking something you no longer need and transforming it into something else or by taking your recycling to a recycling plant. The act of transforming your recycling is a process known as “upcycling.” You can upcycle just about anything, you can turn plastic spoons into a lamp shade, a door into a swing or old t-shirts into a blanket. Whatever old items you have, there is a DIY project out there specifically for it.

If you are the type of person who separates their recyclables at home and then takes it to the recycling center or has a company pick it up, then go you! When your recycling bins are picked up from your home, they are taken to transfer stations near or in your city where they are separated, washed and transformed into other materials. Companies will then buy these recycled materials and sell or use them for their own purposes. When you recycle, you are making a difference.

Another similar aspect to recycling is composting; composting is like recycling but for food. You can easily make your own compost bin or buy one online or in store for pretty cheap. Whenever you have leftover food from a meal or food scraps from cooking, they can go right into your compost bin. The bin will eventually turn the food into soil which is great for planting food or flowers in your garden.

Recycling can also be a great way to bring in some extra cash. If you live near a college campus, collecting leftover beer cans can a great source of income. According to, aluminum cans are worth 45 cents per pound for 1-49 pounds and anything over 50 pounds is worth 50 cents per pound. So, if you have the time and want to earn some extra cash while helping out with recycling, collecting cans may be the way to go.

Caring for the environment is something that Budget Dumpster strives to do in our everyday life. We are an eco-friendly business in the ways that we do not send paper bills and we handle all ordering over the phone. Our trucks routes are not made until the morning of so we can optimize our fuel efficiency and we do our best to recycle as much as possible. Give us a call today and we will handle all of your environmentally friendly waste removal needs.