Worcester, MA: The Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) trash removal program has been saving money for cities all across the country but has been most successful and notable in the City of Worcester. PAYT is a system that requires residents to pay for the amount of waste they need disposing. Currently a 30-gallon trash bag cost $1.50 and it is quite common to see 5-8 bags on a customer’s tree lawn. Although resident reaction was not great at first, the extreme benefits have outweighed the naysayers.


Since the start of the program in 2006, Worcester residents have increased recycling by 43 percent and have cut solid waste disposal in half compared to year’s prior. The national average has residents producing 900 pounds of trash each year; in Worcester households are only contributing 396 pounds to area landfills. The results of this waste removal program are hard to ignore and it seems that PAYT could become a national standard.

United States: Waste from pets is a serious environmental issue that is gaining attention because we are drastic need of a solution. Every year American pets create enough poop to fill enough tractor-trailers to stretch from New York City to Los Angeles. With just a little over half of all pet owners cleaning up after their loved ones, this is problem that will only continue to get out of control. The E.P.A. have even recognized it as a contributor to pollution and bacteria outbreaks.

Dog scooping poop.jpg

Many private companies have offered a solution to the problem but it seems costly for a convenience. However many others are trying to reinvent pet poop from a negative to a potential positive. Cities have begun composting poop and eventually converting it to energy. With the help of aerobic digesters, cities are each collecting the poop of over 120,000 every year. Pet poop is a problem that needs to be properly addressed.

Detroit, MI: Residents recently erupted with criticism after a video was posted featuring a City garbage truck unloading its contents in a neighborhood park. In just hours the video received national attention and thousands of complaints filed in to Detroit’s Department of Public Works. Illegal dumping has plagued Detroit and this may have been a tipping point.


However, the response by the City has quickly silenced the critics. According to City Official the trash was dumped to a problem with the truck and within hours all of the waste was removed from the park. Although the video posters were in the right, this story proves that there are always two sides to every story.

Worldwide: Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash Bag is the only EPA certified and patented waste removal bag that is able to deter animals yet is completely safe for humans. Mint has been a long time preventer of animals but this trash bag’s scent has been genetically engineered to be 100% effective. Waste seeking rodents are able to smell 10 times better, so the mint is pleasurable to humans.

The Mint-X trash bags are currently available in a variety of stores and are very reasonably priced, especially, if you have ever dealt with animals attacking your trash. And for those still concerned about the rascals, Mint-X does not harm in any way but the real concern should be for the neighbors without this bag.