Flying a kite is a wonderful, windy day activity that does not need to be expensive. Especially since a kite is very easy to ruin, even with the smallest of holes. Now you can make as many kites as you desire, without breaking the bank.  Take advantage of these simple steps to fly high in the sky with your one-of-a-kind garbage bag kite!

Make a Homemade Kite from a Trash Bag

Step 1: Gather all the necessary materials to build your garbage bag kite. The most essential tool will be your scissors but you will also need lots of string, two thin sticks, a garbage bag and of course ribbon! Give yourself enough room and it may have to be inside because these materials will easily blow away.

Step 2: Secure the sticks together using the string making a cross. One sticks need to be perpendicular with the other stick 2/3 of the way up. It is very important to tightly tie these stick together, so they will be able to withstand the highest of winds. If you are having trouble keeping the sticks together, tape them first and then double knot them!

Step 3: You will then need to cut your garbage bag to perfectly fit around the four points of the kite. After some snips are made, tie the bag to every point and tape lightly around the edges.  Just use a little extra muscle and make certain it will not fall off.

Step 4: Flip your almost made garbage bag kite over. Start by cutting a piece of string and then tie it across the middle of the kite. It should have some slack. Then grab your ball of string, secure it to the other stick forming a triangle in the cross section of the kite. That same string will then be tied to the other string. It should now resemble a pyramid when it is pulled taut.

Step 5: This might not be a crucial step but it will definitely add flare and legitimacy to your kite. Chose any color ribbon and attach it to the very top of the the kite. Some kite experts may even add a small washer to the top but be careful that may be just enough to keep your kite on the ground if it is too heavy.

Step 6: Find a park and begin to fly. If you are a novice kite flyer, it may some time to get airborne, so be patient. Or try taking off into a dead sprint to get that kite up in the air.

Got any tips on how to repurpose garbage bags? Leave them for us in the comments!