Removing your carpet is a rather easy, do-it-yourself project that can save homeowners a great deal of money. Sometimes people may be too intimidated to do their own carpet removal, but Budget Dumpster will take you through the steps. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact Budget Dumpster!

1. Pull up a corner of the carpet and determine your options. If the wood floor is not in good condition then you will need to replace the carpet.

2. Find a debris removal solution. If you are removing carpet in more than one room, we suggest you rent a dumpster. Remember that no matter what DIY project you are working on there will always be trash created throughout the course of the project.

3. Move your furniture and other items off the carpet. If there is not enough space in other rooms, you may have to remove carpet in smaller pieces.

4.Vacuum. Now why would someone clean a thing that is about to go in a dumpster? Well let’s just say this step is optional, but vacuuming will dramatically reduce the amount of dust.

5. Begin pulling up the carpet near any wall. Depending on how old the carpet is, you may want to put on a mask. A good set of pliers is also recommended.

6. Using a utility/carpet knife slice the carpet into strips. Make certain you are not cutting through into your wood floor. It is important to not make the strips to wide or you will not be able to lift the carpet. If your carpet has padding beneath it, it will also need to be removed. It may be secured with staples.

7. One by one roll up the carpet strips and toss them in your dumpster. It will be much easier to remove carpet with the rest of the carpet out of the way.

8. If you plan to replace your carpet with new carpet skip this step. Others will need to remove the tack strips. This can be dangerous, so take your time.

9. Sweep and clean your floor. This is also a prime opportunity to repair any damage done to the floor by previous owners.

10. Call Budget Dumpster to have your roll off container picked up and you never have to see your old carpet again.