Budget Dumpster loves to talk trash. As a leader in the waste removal industry, we truly enjoy discussing how to properly take care of trash. Usually when people are “talking trash,” garbage is rarely mentioned. However Budget Dumpster supports talking trash in any capacity. So allow us to deliver to YOU the Top 10 Trash Talkers of All Time.

10. Angus T. Jones has a bright future in trash talking ahead of him. You maybe asking yourself, how does the kid from “Two and a Half Men” get on this list? Well even getting paid $350,000 per episode, didn’t keep him from going on a YouTube rant explaining how his TV show is “filth” and no one should watch it. If that amount of money can’t keep you from doing that, it just proves that talking trash is in his blood.

9. Rihanna: With social allowing the average person to directly connect with the celebrities, most of the trash talking is one sided. However that is just not the case with our girl, Rihanna. Now most of her responses are not able to be shown. But let’s just say you should think twice about tweeting @rihanna

8. Albert Belle may have not been the most verbal trash talker but was still able to send some of the most intimidating messages in history. From chucking baseballs at outspoken fans, to destroying locker rooms to the infamous bicep flex after being accused of corking his bats. Albert Belle was always able to back up his chatter, even though no one dared to test him.

7. Bill Burr is a comedian that is gaining notoriety by combating hecklers and even some times entire crowds. This quick thinker always has the ammo to fight back, which is an essential tool of the trash talking trade. If you are interested in adding your two cents to a comedy show, make sure its not this fiery red head on stage.

6. Winston Churchill adds a touch of class to this trashy list, but he was no angel. Churchill often caught criticism for his trash talking ways, especially since a majority of the time he was intoxicated. After being called out for his drinking, Churchill delivered this response to the woman:

5. Jay-Z has solidified himself as a trash talker by his countless raps but has propelled himself in the Top 5 by expanding his gift of gab to another arena. Jay-Z has earned the title “Best Trash Talker in Fantasy Football” by Matthew Berry (who pretty much invented Fantasy Football). Trash Talking gives Jay-Z the extra edge in a very competitive league.

4. Richard Sherman is currently the most notable trash talker. Whether hes calling out reporters or other players, this Stanford Communication grad is always supplying poignant statements. He is also able to back it up, proven by the Super Bowl ring on his finger. He has a long and exciting trash talking road ahead of him. Check out this video where it is all explained.

3. Reggie Miller will talk trash to whomever wherever. Its possible he is talking trash to someone right now! When Spike Lee started chirping at him from a court side seat, not only did he respond verbally but also dropped 8 points in 8.9 seconds to come back and win over the Knicks. He was known for taking bows and was a real showman on the court, but Reggie always stated “You got to be able to back it up.”

2. Muhammad Ali is the “greatest,” well at least one of them in terms of trash talkers. He quotes such as “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, his hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see” will live on forever. Sometimes you didn’t know if he was talking trash or poetry.

1. Larry Bird is possibly the most competive athlete and maybe that is source of his trash talking. Everyone was a target for Larry Legend, and he was known for predicting the outcome of games. Eventually Bird would would push his opponents to the breaking point, which resulted in numerous brawls. The “Hick from French Lick” is our best Trash Talker of all time.