Everything You Need to Do Before Moving Into a New House

Everything You Need to Do Before Moving Into a New House

Have Too Many Things to Do When Moving? Just Use This Handy Checklist

Moving into a new home is exciting but keeping track of all the things you need to do before getting there is a chore. That’s why we’ve put together a list of moving tips and tricks to help you cross all the essentials off your to-do list before walking out the door for good.

Update Your Address Before Moving Out

Who to Notify When Moving (and When):

The first thing you need to do before moving into a new house is to let people know where you’re moving to, and we’re not just talking about your neighbors. You’ll need to notify entities such as your state’s DMV and the banks you use as soon as possible. Others, such as your cable company, can wait until closer to your move-in date.

Who to Notify a Month Before:

The Department of Motor Vehicles 

Your Utility Providers 

Your Bank & Credit Card Company

Your Gym and Other Membership Organizations

The Post Office 

Moving Tips and Tricks: Purge the Perishables

“About 3-4 weeks before your move, stop purchasing perishable foods and start cooking what you have on hand. Cook that frozen pot roast that’s been sitting in the freezer or eat that box of Macaroni & Cheese you’ve been saving for a bad day, now’s the time.”

Ingrid McLain | Customer Success Lead, uShip

Who to Notify Two Weeks Before:

Your Insurance Companies

Your Employer

Moving Tips and Tricks: How to Load a Moving Truck

“Load the truck starting at the front, beginning with the heaviest items you’ve got; think refrigerators, armoires and washing machines. Turn large furniture items like sofas and mattresses on their side and place them between other heavy items. Start filling in the truck with large boxes, then place smaller items and boxes in the extra space. Use soft items like bagged pillows or blankets to fill in any holes and avoid movement.”

Ingrid McLain | Customer Success Lead, uShip

Who to Notify the Week of Your Move:

Your Family Doctor

Your Cable, Internet and Wireless Provider

Moving Tips and Tricks: Get to Know Your New City

“To ease some of your pre-move anxiety, carve out time to familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. Do some research on the public transportation options in the area, map out your work commute, or Google the nearest post office location, grocery store, park, or restaurant.

It’s also a good idea to set up some connections with people living in your area. Start by joining your city’s community Facebook page to check out upcoming events or activities, or email acquaintances and friends of friends in the area to tell them when you arrive.”

Paige Smith | SpareFoot

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Keep Track of Your Moving Expenses for Tax Deductions

How to Write Off Moving Expenses:

If you’re moving for work, there’s a chance you qualify for moving tax deductions. Fortunately, you don’t have to itemize your deductions in order to claim them, but there are a few criteria you must meet in order to take advantage of them. 

How to Qualify for Moving Tax Deductions

Moving Expenses You Can Deduct

Important Note: Trip Limits

Only one trip for you and each of your family members is deductible. You do not have to be traveling at the same time to claim your moving tax deductions, but you have to be heading in the same direction.

Moving Expenses You Cannot Deduct

Moving Tips and Tricks: Get as Much Done as You Can in Advance

"Pack up as much as you possibly can so you are left only with the necessities until your moving date. This may make for an unpleasant last few weeks in the property you are about to vacate, however this will prove to be an absolute game changer in the long run.

If you have a spare room or garage you can use for storage then even better. By doing so, when moving day finally arrives it will simply be a case of emptying your newly allocated storage area and last bits and pieces into the vans and sending them on their way to your new home."

Michael Brennan | Bellhops

How to Claim Deductions for Your Moving Expenses 

Once tax season rolls around, fill out IRS Form 3903 and prepare the following documents to back up your claims: 

Important Note: Employer Reimbursements

If your company reimburses you for deductible moving expenses, and these are not included in your W-2 wages, you cannot deduct them. However, if those reimbursements are included in your taxable income, you can claim those eligible moving deductions. All other reimbursements for non-deductible moving expenses are fully taxable as income. 

Moving Tips and Tricks: Estimate Your Stuff – Then Double It

“Think you’ll have 20 or so boxes once you’ve finished packing? Before giving an estimate to the mover, double that number. From your precious books to planters or all those old college t-shirts you don’t want to throw away, boxes fill up faster than you think.”

Ingrid McLain | Customer Success Lead, uShip

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Clear Out Your Clutter Before Moving

How to Declutter Before a Move:

Following these decluttering tips before the big move will help you lighten the load. Start by going through every room in your home and sort everything you don’t want into three groups: things to sell, donate and throw out. If you’re a little unsure of which items fall into those categories, here’s a short list for you to follow: 

1. What to Sell

Moving Tips and Tricks: Take Inventory of What You're Keeping

“Once you decide what to pack, make a list of all the items you’ll be shipping or sending with your moving company, along with the number of boxes you have. Pack your personal luggage with all the items you’ll need immediately upon arrival, plus anything too precious to travel with your moving company. Think: clothes, toiletries, prescription medication, electronic devices, cameras, and jewelry.”

Paige Smith | SpareFoot

2. What to Donate

3. What to Throw Out

Moving Tips and Tricks: Know Your City’s Regulations

“Did you know that in New York City you can receive a $100 fine if you don’t seal any mattress in a plastic bag before placing it on the sidewalk? Getting rid of old items often accompanies the moving process, so make sure you’re up to speed on all of your city’s regulations, or you’ll be in for a costly move.”

Ingrid McLain | Customer Success Lead, uShip

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Finish Any Last-Minute Projects Before Moving

Projects to Do Before Moving In:

Unless your new home is completely perfect, there will always be a few last-minute projects to get done before you move everything in. Here are a few we recommend you finish beforehand:  

Moving Tips and Tricks: Measure Your New Home Before Moving

"Nothing is worse than moving your beloved sectional across the city just to find that it won't fit in your new space. Make sure you have both the rooms and doorways measured in order to be sure that everything will fit."

Miranda Benson | Dolly.com

Moving Tips and Tricks: Focus on the End Goal

“Now, this may be much easier said than done, however it is essential. You really must remember that any stress you feel now is just temporary and it will all be worth it very soon. You are doing this for a reason and it won’t be long until you are enjoying your brand new house and undertaking the challenge of making it feel like home.”

Michael Brennan | Bellhops

Once you’ve taken care of all the things you need to do before moving into your new home, the only thing left to do is, well, move. Don’t worry, we have you covered there too. Use these tips to make unpacking after a move as simple as possible. And as soon as you’re done, make sure you take a well-earned break with your family. You’ve earned it.

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