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Giving Back to Local Communities: Our 2021 Dumpster Donation Round-Up

Volunteers Hauling Trash Out of River
By:Dana Shugrue| Last Updated:03/22/2024
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Our 2021 Dumpster Donation Round-Up

During community cleanups, volunteers collect excess litter, yard waste and trash, and dumpsters are a costly expense for many nonprofit organizations that people don’t usually think about. This year, Budget Dumpster donated 11 roll off dumpsters to six cleanup events across the country.


About Our Dumpster Donation Program

In 2014, we started our dumpster donation program as a way to give back to local communities. Over the last seven years, we’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity, AmeriCorps, reStore and other notable nonprofits. In 2021, we donated to one of our long-time partners and added five new groups to the list.

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Volunteers Bring Trash to Shore

Missouri River Relief

Missouri River Relief has avidly worked to protect the Missouri River since 2001. Every year, they host volunteer cleanups, educational seminars and recreational programs for local communities. Budget Dumpster donated five dumpsters to cleanups in Omaha, Council Bluffs and Kansas City this year.

With help from our dumpster service, volunteers removed broken toys, bottles, appliances and more from “The Big Muddy.” To view the entire trash tally for each cleanup, check out their event recaps. We first partnered with Missouri River Relief in 2016, and have been one of their biggest supporters ever since.

Friends of the Forest Preserves

Located in Chicago, Friends of the Forest Preserves protects the forests and tallgrass prairies of Cook County. The organization hosts volunteer cleanups every week, including litter pickups, invasive plant removal and more. Every year, they host a “Beer in the Woods” fundraising event where attendees can donate to their cause, play trivia and crack open a cold one.

In September, we donated a 10 yard dumpster to the 5th annual Beer in the Woods and hauled away paper goods, cardboard and general trash from La Bagh Woods before and after the event took place. This ensured no excess litter would clutter the space or harm the environment. Our donation also put Friends of the Forest Preserves’ raised funds to good use, as we provided a free cleanup solution.

Volunteers Pose On a Boating Dock

Allegheny CleanWays

Originally a volunteer branch of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, Allegheny CleanWays has kept the Pittsburgh area clean for over 20 years. In addition to hosting water and land-based cleanups, the organization promotes litter prevention, reduced trash production and recycling. However, their waterway cleanups along the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers receive the most volunteer engagement.

To assist with a riverfront cleanup along the Allegheny, we provided volunteers with a 20 yard dumpster donation. Along with countless pieces of street litter, we helped pull dock floats, barge lines and floating debris from the water. Check out the entire event recap and learn more about Allegheny CleanWays.

Volunteer Removes Scrap Metal and Fencing From an Illegal Dumpsite

The Heartland Conservation Alliance

For nearly 10 years, the Heartland Conservation Alliance has protected natural areas in the Kansas City region. With help from local communities, they improve water quality, conserve local green spaces and prevent illegal dumping. At its heart, connecting people to nature is the organization’s primary goal.

In October, we donated a 20 yard dumpster to help clean a 40-acre forest patch that was illegally used as a dumpsite. Along with street litter, our dumpsters hauled away 4.32 tons of fencing, scrap metal and concrete from the area. To honor our joint efforts, the HCA included us as a Conservation Partner on their website. We can’t wait to help out with more cleanups in the future!

Volunteers Pose Before Starting Their Cleanup

The Shoal Creek Conservancy

Champions of the Shoal Creek Watershed in Austin, this organization creates greener communities through volunteer cleanups, educational programs and litter prevention. Shoal Creek Conservancy protects the watershed to save the greenspaces in a primarily urban area. Their efforts protect local wildlife and encourage people to enjoy the outdoors.

We donated a 10 yard dumpster to their city-wide “It’s My Park Day” cleanup event. After 40 volunteers cleared the trail, we disposed of beverage containers, broken toys and more than 30 trash bags. To learn more about Shoal Creek Conservancy and their different cleanup initiatives, visit their website.

Volunteers Plant Flowers to Spruce Up a Veteran’s Home

HandsOn Greater Phoenix

Originally known as “Make a Difference,” this organization became a HandsOn affiliate in 1993. The HandsOn Network builds communities through civic engagement and volunteer work. While they host a number of park cleanups and environmentally-focused events every year, they’re best known for their Veteran Assistance Program. With help from local volunteers, they make homes more accessible, clean and safe for veterans.

Earlier this month, we donated a 20 yard dumpster to a home renovation in Glendale. Volunteers removed plant overgrowth, concrete and building materials from the site, ensuring the property didn’t violate any city codes. The group also painted the house, fixed its landscaping and installed a new patio. Following this cleanup, Budget Dumpster was recognized as a Fall Into Service partner on HandsOn Greater Phoenix’s website. We can’t wait to work with them again and continue making a difference in the Phoenix area.

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Work With Us for Your Next Cleanup

We’ll help you tackle any cleanup initiative, from litter pickups to volunteer home renovations. If you’re planning an event, request an in-kind dumpster donation for a free disposal solution. While we take pride in our convenient, low-cost dumpster rentals, giving back to local communities is truly priceless.