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Ideas for Painting Your Bedroom to Boost Your Mood

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By:Meghan Paynter| Last Updated:03/14/2024
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Paint Color Ideas to Improve Your Mood

The color of your bedroom walls can affect your mood on a daily basis. It can soothe you to sleep at night and energize you in the morning. Or it can keep you awake and make you cranky, so choose your bedroom color, and the mood it creates, wisely.

When deciding what color to paint your bedroom, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is your room just for sleeping?
  • Do you study or work in your bedroom?
  • Do you sleep alone or with a partner?
  • Do you struggle with falling asleep at night?
  • How do you like to feel when you wake up?

Answering these questions will help you narrow in on the mood you want your bedroom to evoke.

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“Consider how you want to feel in your bedroom and write down five descriptors. Do you want to feel calm, relaxed, cozy, energized? Dark colors may be calming to one person, but depressing to another, so take note of how different colors make you feel personally.”
Ashley Palmer, Home Stylist, Retro Den


Once you’ve found the mood you desire, check out these ideas for bedroom paint colors and use them to help you achieve that mood.

Create a Calm Mood With Your Bedroom Paint Color

Cool colors remind people of nature and water, creating a calming effect. These colors are a great choice if you only use your bedroom for sleeping or if you want to calm your mind and body before getting some work done.

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“Cool colors like blues and greens typically bring about a sense of calm. White or off-white walls can feel calming as well.”
Ashley Palmer, Home Stylist, Retro Den

Bedroom With Sky Blue Walls

Blue works especially well for a bedroom because it evokes serenity, reminding the viewer of the sky and water. The color blue is known to slow breathing and lower blood pressure. It’s a great choice if your bedroom doubles as an office, as blue also promotes intelligence and success.

Green tones, especially earthy ones, encourage relaxation and help reduce stress, making them a perfect idea for a bedroom paint color. It has even been suggested that the color green reduces nightmares.

Bedroom With Lilac Walls

Purple is considered one of the most spiritual colors and is frequently used in meditation rooms because of the soothing effect it has. The color also represents luxury and elegance, ideal qualities of a restful space.

Colors mixed with white or grey foster peaceful feelings. These undertones neutralize a color and reduce its intensity, creating a more overt mood-changing effect.

The Best Bedroom Paint Colors to Promote Calm


Color Mood

Best Shades for Bedroom Paint



Aqua, Blue-grey, Sky Blue



Sage, Light Pistachio



Lavender, Lilac

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Paint Your Bedroom Walls a Sultry Color to Encourage a Romantic Mood

If you want the paint on your bedroom walls to inspire a romantic mood, go for a darker, warmer color. Warm colors excite the mind and body, and encourage romance. While these colors may not directly assist you in falling asleep, they can help create a comfortable oasis for you and your partner.

Red is known to spark passion and encourage an optimistic mood. Red encourages feelings of love and comfort, making it perfect for a bedroom that serves as a romantic getaway. Lean toward a deeper shade to avoid the aggressive feelings the color can also stimulate.

Romantic Brown Bedroom

Brown also encourages people to cuddle up together. Brown spurs feelings of warmth, comfort and security. The color can be overpowering, so accents or shades mixed with plenty of white are the best way to take advantage of this color’s mood effects.

Dusty Pink Bedroom Paint

Pink inspires both calm and romance and is the perfect choice if you’re looking for both. Avoid an overly feminine look by choosing a shade mixed with grey. Pair with dark wood furniture or navy tones to add masculine balance.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors for Romance


Color Mood

Best Shades for Bedroom Paint



Deep Ruby Red, Burgundy



Carmel, Chocolate



Raspberry, Deep Rose, Blush

Since these warmer, romantic colors can easily dominate a room, using them on an accent wall is a great way to add them in without going all-in.

Use These Bright Paint Color Ideas to Energize Your Mood

If you want walls that will give you energy or boost your mood in the morning, go for a warm color in a bright shade. While not traditional for bedrooms, these colors are known to promote cheer and energy. They won’t actively encourage you to fall asleep, but if your priority is improving your morning mood, these are the bedroom colors for you.

Orange tones are playful, inspiring confidence and an overall sunny mood. Orange can be overpowering but works well on an accent wall. Lighter shades and shades mixed with red or pink can also be used to reduce the power of the mood-changing effects.

Bedroom With Yellow Paint

Yellow is a happy color that provides a fresh feel but it can easily become exhausting. Use wisely in small doses or light shades.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors for High-Energy Moods


Color Mood

Best Shades for Bedroom Paint



Peach, Terra Cotta, Red-Orange



Gold, Honey, Muted Lemon

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