Author: Sean Nally

Sean Nally

Sean primarily contributes to The Fill with industry news, but is known to dabble in a variety of other waste-related topics. After graduating from the 47th best journalism school in the United States, Sean could essentially write his own ticket. However, he couldn't pass up an opportunity help build a blog and has been doing so for the last 3+ years. Sean is an avid golfer, champion bowler and future RV owner.


August 22, 20130

The White House Goes Green

Washington, DC- President Obama has finally has given the okay to place solar panels on the White House roof. The official plan has...


August 8, 20130

This Week in Waste Removal

Madurai, India– Recently many moves have been made to clean up the streets, which are heavily littered with various garbage and debris. However...

A boy cools off with water from a hose on a hot day in Manila

August 1, 20130

It’s Getting Hot in Here

To put this summer heat lightly, it has been unseasonably hot all around the world. According to the National Climate Data Center (NCDC)...


The proper disposal of our electronics is so important that I am going to blog about it for two days in a row....


As technology constantly evolves and improves, our current electronics become instantly obsolete. The unfortunate downside is that these various electronics are creating major...


As the sun continues to beat down across the United States, many people are looking for unique ways to find relief. Many people...