How Dumpster Prices Work

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

It costs between $217 and $1,040 to rent a dumpster, with a national average of $470. While that's a wide range, we work hard to pair our customers with the right dumpster price for their project. We consider five key factors before offering a quote.

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The 5 Factors That Determine Your Dumpster Rental Cost

We take your location, dumpster size, debris type, debris weight and rental period into account when offering a quote. Here’s how these five factors affect your dumpster cost.

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1. Location

Disposal fees, demand and fuel costs vary from city to city. It may cost less to rent a dumpster in a small Midwest suburb than in a major city.

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2. Dumpster Size

Our roll off dumpsters come in several different sizes, ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards. The container size you need depends on your job and the debris you’re tossing. The bigger the bin, the more your dumpster rental will typically cost, since you’re disposing of more debris. Availability of the size you’re renting may also impact your price or how quickly we can schedule delivery.

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3. Debris Type

Your disposal cost is determined by the type of debris you’re throwing away. Our drivers must take household junk, yard waste and construction materials to different processing facilities. Depending on the city you’re in, you might pay more if you’re tossing difficult-to-process items, such as appliances or mattresses.

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4. Debris Weight

Landfills charge disposal costs based on the tonnage of your debris. We’ll provide a set weight limit when you rent a dumpster, and you must stay within it to avoid extra fees. If you’re tossing heavy materials like brick or concrete, you can typically only fill your dumpster halfway to ensure a safe and successful pickup. Use our weight calculator to estimate how heavy your materials are before placing an order.

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5. Rental Period

We include the length of your rental period in your dumpster price. You can usually have your container on-site for five to 10 days, but this depends on where you’re located. If you need to keep your bin longer, we can often extend your rental period for a flat daily rate.

How We Keep Your Cost to Rent a Dumpster Affordable

Our goal is to keep your cleanup on track. This includes making sure your dumpster rental costs are cheap and reasonable. We’ll match these five factors to your job so you get the best price possible. You’ll never overpay for our dumpster rental service, leaving room in your budget to plan for other parts of your project.

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How These Factors Affect Your Dumpster Rental Cost

Comparison of Dumpster Rental Prices in Virginia Beach and Portland

*Costs shown are for example only and do not represent actual pricing in these markets.

Differences Between Flat-Rate and Variable Pricing

Budget Dumpster offers flat-rate quotes so you know the full price of your dumpster rental from the start. This is different from variable pricing, which often leads to costs adding up throughout your rental period. Here are a few key differences you should take note of:

Flat-Rate Invoices

Our dumpster rental prices bundle your rental period, delivery and pickup upfront. Your invoice also includes a set weight limit, which ranges from 1 to 10 tons depending on the size of your dumpster and what you’re throwing away.

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Variable Invoices

Variable invoices aren’t necessarily more expensive, but they obscure your total dumpster price. Unlike Budget Dumpster, other dumpster rental companies may charge you separately for your rental and the landfill disposal. You won’t know how much you’re paying until the landfill has processed your materials, which makes it hard to budget for your project.

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Will I Ever Pay More Than a Flat Rate?

We make your roll off dumpster rental price as transparent as possible. However, in certain instances you may have to pay more than you originally planned. To avoid surprise charges, make sure you’re familiar with what dumpster rental costs may be extra:

Per-item Costs

You may be limited to how many mattresses, appliances and electronics you can throw in one dumpster. These items take longer for landfills and transfer stations to process, which increases disposal costs. Reach out if you have questions about item restrictions in your area.

Overage Fees

All our containers have a set weight limit that reflects the tonnage of debris covered in your dumpster price. Going over it will result in a prorated per-ton disposal fee.

Trip Fees

If we can’t deliver or pick up your roll off dumpster for any reason, you’ll incur extra charges. This includes having parked cars or excess snow in your driveway. You should also make sure your debris is below or level with the dumpster walls before requesting pickup.

Extension Fees

Need to push back your project deadline? You can often extend your dumpster rental period for a flat daily rate.

Cancellation Fees

If you cancel your dumpster rental after we’ve confirmed your order, there's no fee unless you wait until the last minute. We do charge a fee if if you cancel after 3 p.m. the day before your scheduled delivery date.

Learn More About Additional Fees

Planning to keep your bin in the street or on public property? You might have to get a right-of-way permit from your local government. Your municipality may charge you an additional cost for the permit. See if you need one by entering your city name or zip code below.

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