Dumpsters for Home and Garage Cleanouts

Have too much clutter and household junk for your trash can? You might need a dumpster. Budget Dumpster makes it easy to get rid of trash after any residential project, whether you’re decluttering your garage or cleaning out your family home.

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Get a Dumpster for Household Trash in 4 Steps

1. Choose a size. Pick the right size dumpster for your home or garage cleanout.

2. Place your order. Schedule your dumpster rental online or over the phone.

3. Fill your dumpster. Easily walk trash into your dumpster through the swinging door.

4. Request pickup online. Submit our quick online form when you’re done cleaning up, and we’ll handle the rest.

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What Budget Dumpster Does Differently

Our team supports you throughout your entire dumpster rental period, ensuring your cleanup goes off without a hitch. Here’s what you can expect when you rent from us:

  • Flat-rate pricing. You’ll know the total cost of your dumpster rental when you order. No hidden fees.
  • Fast service. We’ll deliver your dumpster when you need it and pick it up once you’re finished working.
  • Reliable customer support. Our team is available throughout your entire cleanup to answer your questions.
  • Flexible scheduling. We offer short and long-term rental periods so you can clean up at your own pace.

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Should You Rent a Dumpster for Household Trash Removal?

While renting a dumpster isn’t your only option for home trash removal, it’s usually the most convenient. But how can you be sure that a dumpster is the best choice for you? Let’s take a look at these four common ways to get rid of clutter and household junk.

Table Comparing Four Debris Removal Options

Comparing 4 Residential Trash Removal Options

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1. Dumpster Rental for a Home Cleanout

You can put a lot of junk in a dumpster, whether you get a 10 yard bin or larger. But don't let that fool you — they're made to fit in your driveway. Toss trash as you work, then schedule your pickup online when you’re finished. If you’re completing a lengthy cleanup, you can usually keep your bin longer for a flat daily rate. Just tell us your timeline, and we’ll work with it.

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2. Dumpster Bag

While they’re similar to household trash dumpsters, dumpster bags are really only best for small-scale projects. These bags come in one size, 3 cubic yards. This might work for a smaller garage or single room cleanout, but if you’re cleaning out a whole house or a space that’s packed to the rafters, it probably won’t be big enough.

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3. Junk Removal Company

It’s true — junk removal companies will take trash out of your home and haul it away for you. However, you’ll pay extra for this hands-on service, which adds up fast. When you rent a dumpster from us, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying from the get-go.

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4. Weekly Garbage Pickup

If you’re not in a rush to purge clutter from your home, you can haul it to the curb every week. While less expensive, this prolongs the trash removal process and makes it more difficult. Plus, some residential services won’t accept certain materials and have specific days for bulk pickup. With a dumpster on-site, you can easily clean out your house in one fell swoop.

Projects That Are a Great Fit for a Dumpster Rental

A dumpster will simplify most residential projects. Here's a list of household jobs you can use a dumpster for.

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