Renting a Dumpster for Moving

Whether you’re moving across state or downsizing your home, lighten your load with a dumpster for junk removal. Budget Dumpster makes ordering a dumpster a breeze, and our flexible rental periods let you work at your pace to stay on track. If you’re ready to clean up, we’ll help you clean house.

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4 Steps to Decluttering With a Dumpster Rental Before Moving

1. Choose a dumpster size. We can help if you’re unsure.

2. Schedule delivery. Place your order online or by phone.

3. Fill your dumpster. Your bin stays on-site so you can load as you go.

4. Request a pickup. Submit an online form in minutes and we’ll take it from there.

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Why Choose Budget Dumpster When Getting a Dumpster for Junk Removal?

Moving is one of life's most stressful milestones. That's why we've streamlined the dumpster rental process so you can get rid of unwanted junk without any hassle. Before you move, rent a dumpster with us and enjoy:

  • Flat rates: We bundle your rental period, delivery and pickup into one price with no hidden fees.
  • Upfront pricing: While junk removal companies typically offer quotes on-site, we give you your affordable rate ahead of time so you can easily budget.
  • A range of dumpster sizes: Whether you’re cleaning out your garage or downsizing your whole home before a move, we can accommodate any size load.
  • Expert advice: Our team is ready to offer tips and answer your questions. Call anytime before, during or after your cleanup.

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Comparing Options for Junk Removal Before Moving

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Why Rent a Dumpster for Junk Removal Before You Move?

Because it’s simply the most efficient method for getting rid of stuff you don't want to take with you. Even after you’ve sold, donated or given away your more valuable possessions, you’ll still have plenty left over that you don’t know what to do with. Here are some of the most common options for junk removal before moving.

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1. Dumpster Rental for Moving

A roll off dumpster lets you get rid of a variety of things in one shot. And if you have a lot left to toss, our bins go up to 40 cubic yards, which can hold 230 to 250 33-gallon trash bags of debris. With rental periods that run seven to 10 days, you have plenty of time to work without feeling rushed.

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2. Junk Removal Company

A junk removal team does the heavy lifting for you. But you’re going to pay a premium for that kind of service. And you’ll still have to make sure everything is ready when they arrive, because they expect to be in and out in a day. You’re also limited to the size of their truck. A dumpster for junk removal might be more cost-effective and efficient for large decluttering jobs.

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3. Donate Items

We recommend donating or giving away items that still have use — small appliances, gently worn clothes, nice décor. It feels good and you get a tax benefit. Just know that it’s on you to drop most of it off, and some items may end up in the landfill anyway. And if you have quite a bit to donate, count on a lot of driving time. With a dumpster for moving and junk removal, you never have to leave your driveway.

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4. Yard Sale

With enough time and planning, you can make some extra money by holding a yard sale to sell your items. Just make sure to account for weather conditions and leverage social media and word-of-mouth to promote your sale. While a dumpster rental lets you get rid of everything in a few days, a yard sale is time-consuming, and there’s no guarantee it will all sell.

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5. Weekly Garbage Pickup

Sure, it’s easy to leave stuff at the end of your driveway. And it’s definitely cost-effective since your garbage bill is the only expense — though some haulers may charge extra depending on what you’re tossing. But if you have a lot, it will take weeks to get rid of everything one can at a time. And local haulers don’t accept everything you can throw in a dumpster.

What Can I Put in a Dumpster Rental?

Whether you’re moving, downsizing your home or selling a property, a roll off dumpster is a great way to quickly toss a variety of clutter. Read on for some common things you can toss when you rent a dumpster for junk removal. And don't forget, there some things you can't throw in a dumpster, too.

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  • Household clutter
  • Used moving boxes
  • Old toys, blankets and clothes
  • Broken items
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  • Old furniture
  • Some appliances and electronics
  • Kitchen utensils, pots and pans
  • Yard tools
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  • Broken furniture
  • Junk in garage and basement
  • Leftover DIY materials (except paint)
  • Yard waste from curb appeal projects

We Make it Easy to Get a Dumpster Before You Move

When you order your dumpster rental, we can usually deliver it in one to three business days. But you can always order your bin a few more days out or even weeks ahead of time to ensure you get what you need. Our reliable drivers will drop off your dumpster when and where you want it so you can work without delay. Then, schedule a pickup online and we’ll haul everything away ASAP. You'll tackle that junk removal job before moving day no problem. Order your dumpster in minutes online or over the phone.

How to Order Your Dumpster

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When you know what you need and are eager to get cleaning, order your bin online. It’s ideal for when you need to clean out the last bit of junk in the garage or attic before listing your house.

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Have an estate cleanout or large-scale decluttering project? Let’s chat about it. We’ll learn about your project and make a dumpster recommendation. This is great for first-time renters.

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