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7 Home Renovations and Maintenance Tips to Boost Home Safety

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By:Sara Cifani| Last Updated:03/13/2024
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7 Home Safety Tips

As you go about your daily routine at home, countless chemicals, sharp objects and safety hazards lurk in the background. With a handful of potential risks in every room of your home, you might be wondering how you can improve the safety of your home.

If you’re feeling uneasy, this is the point where I ask you to take a breath. It’ll all be OK.

Solve your home safety concerns with these simple renovation and maintenance tips. You will thank yourself later and maybe even sleep a little easier!


Home Renovations and Modifications to Prevent Safety Hazards

Although inherent clumsiness is not always preventable, it is best to keep your path free of any obstructions to decrease the likelihood of a fall.

Prevent Bathroom Slips and Falls With Grab Bars

With slippery surfaces and an abundance of water, the bathroom is home to the highest risk of falls. Whether you are young and agile or a little more seasoned, installing grab bars in the bathtub or shower is a smart home addition that can help prevent accidents.

Grab Bars in Bathtub
Install Wood Flooring

Replace Warped or Peeling Floors

A slight buckle in hardwood or a bubble in laminate floors is all it takes to send you plummeting straight to the floor. Replacing warped or peeling floors will keep your toes from being stubbed and your feet on the ground. If you’re considering installing new flooring yourself, our DIY Home Improvement Guide will walk you through the steps.

Ongoing Home Maintenance Tips for Improved Health at Home

One of the most significant factors affecting your health at home is air quality. Typically measured in microns, tiny dust particles in your home contribute to asthma and other respiratory conditions. Replace air filters in your HVAC system routinely to keep the air clean.

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"Dust in your home is made up of very small dirt particles, which can be as small as .001 microns and as large as 100 microns. Smaller particles are pulled into your HVAC system and then distributed throughout your home. The smaller particles are the ones that can really affect the air quality in your home, with the most damaging being 5 microns or smaller. If you have a good deal of dust in your home, it’s a good idea to choose an air filter capable of catching the smallest microns possible."
Alexander Rubinchik | ServiceWhale


Avoid Mold With Proper Ventilation Techniques

Mold manifests itself in many different varieties. Often underestimated, mold spores can have a large impact on your respiratory health. In intense mold situations, renting a dumpster is the easiest way to dispose of large or several contaminated items. To improve indoor air quality, ServiceMaster Restore recommends keeping vents free of dust and investing in de-humidifiers to lessen moisture.

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  • Ensure the entire kitchen area has proper ventilation and there is a vent above your stove. Mold thrives in high humidity areas, so keep your space as dry as possible.
  • Install an exhaust fan in the bathroom to run during showers and control ventilation.
    Peter Duncanson | ServiceMaster Restore

Aging in Place?
Get eight bathroom safety tips now!

At-Home Security Measures to Consider

Assess Your Windows and Doors

We suggest installing a deadbolt lock on main entrances for increased security at home. A chain lock and peephole add extra peace of mind. Also, be sure that your door is sturdy enough to withstand any break-in attempts. For many older homes with warped wood doors or rickety windows, replacing them all together may be your best bet.

Three Bolt Door Lock
Outdoor Lamp Against Ivy

Update Interior and Exterior Lighting

Installing motion sensors on exterior lights, specifically near entrance points of the home and on the garage, will stop most intruders in their tracks. An illuminated exterior provides less of an opportunity for burglars to hide from neighbors or passersby.

Consider setting timers on lamps inside the home, especially near windows. This gives the appearance that the home is occupied, whether you are home or away, to deter burglars.

Replace Worn Address Numbers

Replacing worn address numbers helps first responders get to you and your family members faster in the event of an emergency. It’s an easy fix that can potentially save your life one day. Your pizza delivery guy will certainly be pleased with this improvement as well.

Pink and White House Numbers on Brick Wall

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