Author: Budget Dumpster Staff

Budget Dumpster Staff

Budget Dumpster has complied an expert staff that is normally busy setting up customers with waste removal solutions. Since their knowledge is so valuable, from time to time, our staff will step up and share their expertise on the blog.


November 17, 20140

DIY: Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

You can bring the scent of fall into your home without having to buy any expensive candles or spray chemicals into the air...

toilet paper rolls

November 17, 20140

10 DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Everyone should have access to toilet paper rolls in their homes. The natural thing to do is throw them away or recycle them....


“Profiles in Environmentalism” is a recurring segment on our blog where we shine a light on the dedicated people working to preserve the...


November 10, 20140

DIY: Upcycled Tire Ottoman

Old tires can be difficult to get rid of. They aren’t accepted in landfills and it isn’t easy to find a place to...


Do you need some help deciding what to do with all of your old t-shirts? Here are 8 DIY projects dedicated to reusing...

pill bottles cover

There are many household items that we inevitably collect as we consume more and more of them. Perhaps one of the most popular ones...