Bulk Waste Disposal: How to Throw Away Difficult Items

Learn the Best Way to Get Rid of Your Bulky Waste

Bulk waste disposal

Figuring out how to dispose of bulky and difficult items can be frustrating. Use our resource pages below to learn how to dispose of some of the trickiest household items. 

Appliances Electronics
Furniture Mattresses

How to Get Rid of Bulk Waste and Difficult Items

There are several ways to get rid of or dispose of bulky waste, though your options may be limited based on the condition of your items. In general, things like mattresses, furniture, appliances and electronics can be: 

If your couch or computer is still in good shape, you should find a local organization that can give it to someone in need. As an added bonus, you can claim a tax deduction for the fair market value of the items you donate – generally defined as thrift store prices. However, there are certain guidelines you must follow in order to claim a deduction:

For other tricky items that aren’t useable anymore, the best thing you can do is either find a local recycling facility that will accept them or dispose of it responsibly using a roll off dumpster rental or your city’s curbside collection service, if applicable. It’s important to note that disposal laws and regulations vary by location. Always do your research before disposing of bulky items through your curbside service or in a dumpster. 

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