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Bulk Waste Disposal: How to Throw Away Difficult Items

Learn the Best Way to Get Rid of Your Bulky Waste

Bulk Waste Disposal

Figuring out how to dispose of bulky and difficult items can be frustrating. Use our disposal guides below to learn how to dispose of some of the trickiest items you may come across while cleaning up or remodeling your home. 

Disposal Guides

Household Junk

Appliance Disposal


Electronics Disposal


Furniture Disposal


Mattress Disposal



Construction Debris

Brick Disposal


Concrete Disposal


Dirt Disposal


Shingle Disposal


Yard Waste Disposal

Yard Waste

Rock Disposal



How to Get Rid of Bulk Waste and Difficult Items

There are several ways to get rid of household junk and hefty construction debris, though your options may be limited based on their condition. In general, the items above can be either: 

If your items aren't exactly in tip-top shape, the best thing you can do is either find a local recycling facility that will accept them or dispose of them responsibly using a roll off dumpster rental or other waste collection service. It’s important to note that disposal laws and regulations vary by location. Always do your research before disposing of any of the items above through a third party or by yourself. 

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