Author: Budget Dumpster Staff

Budget Dumpster Staff

Budget Dumpster has complied an expert staff that is normally busy setting up customers with waste removal solutions. Since their knowledge is so valuable, from time to time, our staff will step up and share their expertise on the blog.


October 24, 20140

Go Green With Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner… only one week away! Some have had a costume chosen for days, weeks, or months. Others are...


October 20, 20140

DIY: Bare Minerals Make-Up

The Bare Minerals powder make-up from Sephora costs about $30 for a small jar, with this DIY project you can make a mason...

canning jar lid pumpkin

October 20, 20140

DIY Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you haven’t gotten out your decorations yet, there is still time to get in the...


Recycling cans is not a new concept, but utilizing those basic containers by creating new uses for them can be. We are here...

Cardboard Boxes

October 13, 20140

5 Cardboard DIY Projects

5 Cardboard DIY Projects Cardboard boxes are an item that can blow your kid’s mind. Here are a few DIY projects involving cardboard...


When fall rolls around, you can purchase scented pine cones at just about any craft store. But you can save money by being...