Author: Budget Dumpster Staff

Budget Dumpster Staff

Budget Dumpster has complied an expert staff that is normally busy setting up customers with waste removal solutions. Since their knowledge is so valuable, from time to time, our staff will step up and share their expertise on the blog.


September 23, 20140

Google Quits ALEC

As if we needed another reason to love Google even more, now they are cutting ties with companies who refuse to accept climate...


Water scarcity around the world is a continuing problem, especially as population increases. Seventy percent of water in the world is ocean-based and...

DIY: Apple Wreath

September 22, 20140

DIY: Apple Wreath

Fall is finally here, so that means apples, pumpkins, and Halloween decorations, oh my! Here is an easy fall DIY decoration project that...


Magazines are great to keep around the house for a while. You can go back to them again and again. But what happens...

rain barrel step 8

September 22, 20140

DIY Project: Rain Barrel

Water is such a precious resource that we often take advantage of its easy access in our homes. We take the highly accessible...


People are encouraged to eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day. That adds up to a lot of money for families to spend...