Author: Kevin Rossignol

Kevin Rossignol

Kevin Rossignol is a Senior Copywriter and Editor for "The Fill". He is a native of that far-off frigid territory known as The Lands of Always Winter, AKA New England. He eventually grew so tired of picking the ice off of his boots every morning that he decided to move to the much warmer climate of Ohio. While there he studied Psychology and History, just so he could tell people he was a student of Psychohistory. He frequently writes about the latest trends in home improvement and sustainability. His passions include local beer, artisanal coffees and rollercoasters, though not in any particular order.

November 30, 20120

A Week to be Remembered

The general purpose of writing here, and the reason you are reading, is the dumpster rental business. Dumpsters and trash are on my...

A landfill is a dirty trash dump by definition, and brings with it that negative connotation when general opinions are formed. All the...